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The Dramatic conclusion of the Vi and B* unholy union

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In yesterday's episode of the Twilight Zone...we find out that VI (my ex) and Beaver (Dh's ex) have started dating. Jerry Springer is now on speed dial and we wait to see how this unholy union progresses.  To recap, VI is a narcissist and we supsect Beaver of being at the very least a Boarder Line Personality.  So...this union should be interesting as each is out for themselves.  

We wait to see what happens like people watching a roadside accident..

Beaver's court case for full custody is continuing...she requested a GAL.  Oh, whatever.  However,the twist she requested the same GAL that was in my custody case.  Again whatever..our attorney was like sure....since we knew the GAL was fully aware of VI's stalking, threats and orange jump suit stint.  Why Beaver and her attorney thought this would be a good idea, I have no clue.

So...papers filed and depositions are setup.  Included are the VI.  Smh...

Dh's attorney (who was a former police officer) is like awesome....I can't wait to get at him, this will be fun.

A few weeks before the deposition my DD in passing says...yea Dad was pissed at step siblings mom.  Oh really, why is that?  Because she came over with the step kids and while we played in the pool she took a nap on the couch for the whole afternoon.  Like 6 hours mom...Oh really..that's interesting. (that's interesting is my code for WTF)...

Later, DH laughed when I told him.  He was like "yep that is all Beaver did when we were married..sleep.  She was always tired and always took naps all day.  She would do nothing all day.  The kids would watch TV and eat snacks all day while she slept"  

So..deposition days arrive ( there were multiple).  All the cast members are present, attorneys, Beaver, DH, ME the GAL

DH is deposed.

I'm deposed

Beaver is deposed

Up next the VI...


Where is VI...he is nowhere to be found.  Beaver keeps claiming he is on his way.  He will be here.  (right lady he isn't coming)

See, I know the VI and he isn't going to do anything that will make him look bad.  This has the potential to make him look epically bad.  Unless they arrest his ass..he will not be coming.

An hour goes VI.  Our attorney tells Beaver"s 10 more minutes and then we are leaving.  Oh no he will be here..he is on his way.


10 minutes pass and Beavers attorney...VI is here he is just in the parking lot.  He won't come in since Halo is here.  She has PO against him so he won't come in.

No problem..peace out y'all..and I left to go find the local Starbucks for a well deserved caffinated beverage.

Did VI come in...HELL NO.  He up and left once he found out I was gone.  Yep..just got in his car and left.

Hahahahahaa..yep I knew that Narc was never going to be deposed...and certainly wasn't going to help Beaver..there was nothing in it for him.  VI couldn't bother me or DH and Beaver wasn't pretty smart or had there was absolutely NOTHING in it for him.

In the end they had to strike VI from their witness list and the GAL advised Beaver to NOT DATE the VI due to his domestic violence issues.  

A few weeks later we heard from the kids...Beaver and VI are not together anymore.  Beaver was mad since VI didn't show up for some court thing and they decided they were better just a friends.

*** About a year later my DD got VI's old phone and didn't wipe it clean.(dumbass) and we found text messages between Beaver and the VI.  Vi is trying to brush her off and Beaver is sending thinly vailed booty call VI would to you later I'm getting ready for bed.  Beaver would reply...well I can come and warm up the bed for you.  (puke...gag). thanks I'm good.*****


And that is how this unholy union ends....moral of this story..don't date someone because you THINK it might get at someone and certainly never rely on an NARC to help you out unless it benefits the NARC.  





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I used to imagine what it would be like if my ex and my husband ex got together. They work a couple blocks from each other so it would have been a possibility. They are both narcissistic asses so I happily imagined them making each other miserable. I can't believe I was so naive to even entertain that thought. Ugh I can't even imagine what it would be like for our exes to be dating and to have two people who know a ridiculous backlog of secrets about my husband and I actively conspiring against us in the court system.

You're lucky that that's now over and didn't amount to anything. How disgusting finding those texts. 

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I'm guessing VI was hoping the judge would say it was okay for him to come in and be around you - that's what he really wanted. So when you left, he had no reason to go in there. 

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he wanted me to be he could legally harrass me.  I often wonder how Beaver felt when she realized he was only dating her to get info/get to me.  Smile

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Omg our exes tried that crap. We both laughed. It didn't last long and my ex even admitted he was trying to stir the pot. But he has been much better since lol. He said "that woman is batshit crazy".


yeah, well you both are. 

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tell me at least one of them is fixed.

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neither one is..but there was no unholy offspring....I was quite amazed as i though Beaver would try to product a beaver offspring with the VI since he had money.

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Rofl! I love your tales Halo!

This is priceless. There is no shortage of Dumb and Dumber type hilarity in this most recent blog of yours... from the GAL, to the narc games, to the Beaver games and more. Haha! Love it.

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...she requested the same GAL that was in my custody case.  ... Why Beaver and her attorney thought this would be a good idea, I have no clue.

Perhaps Beaver's attorney realized that arguing with crazy gets you nowwhere. 

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It must have been fun to sit there, knowing that VI was going to leave Beaver hanging, when she did not.