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annddd.that was useless and GWR now has a new job

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Talked with Child Services guy.  He was never able to meet with Beaver and SD and as such will be closing the case.  Well boy howdy glad it wasn't really really serious there.  **rolling my eyes**  That seemed to be a waste of time.  However, I told DH it covers our butts if Beaver ever decideds to file for contempt, but that is about all it did.

Still waiting on that comtempt filing from Beaver...ya I think I will be waiting awhile on that one.

Beaver is still being a biotch about DH getting SD for his first right of refusal. I dropped off SD to the Beaver at her work yesterday..first time she has seen me in about a year.  I'm sure SD heard all about how stupid my magenta hair is.....  Smile

GWR it seems has a new job at an oil change place way into the Ghetto here.   White suburban boy in the ghetto..should be interesting.  Maybe it will help GWR launch his rap career.  He needs it as his high school career this year is 3 F's 1 C and a D.



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Wow. I thought CPS here was bad. They do at least meet with people before they close cases. Maybe a complaint to the governor's office is in order?

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but now we know why things slip through the canyons..I mean cracks.


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CPS was called on Psycho for leaving THREE kids in a hot car...  They questioned the kids, who confirmed it happened.  Then talked to Psycho who told them it was "all a misunderstanding"  so they closed the case and bought her word.  Useless.

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CPS here recommended that Spawn not see or speak to Meth Mouth until she had completed her PC1000 and rehab and was clean for at least 6 months.  The judge over rode that and wanted Spawn and Meth Mouth reunited in one instance CPS tried to do the right thing and got slapped down by the judge.