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Alrighty..I feel better even a Victoria's Secret model isnt' safe from cheating

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Just wow...what in the effin h3ll is wrong with these men.  Seems Adam Levine has gone out and at least micro cheated/online cheated or whatever you would like to call it.  I feel for his wife..because she was at home supporting him and their kids. WTF...really what is wrong with these men.  They have kids etc and then are like...."what my wife won't pay attention to me 24/x7 and be enamored of me and my awesomeness so I will go and find others that can stroke my ego".  

Like did you really think you would live in f*cking fantasy land and life are HARD AND MESSY.  Its like they expect to be the center of everyone's universe and they aren't...their little feefees get hurt. 

This one hits home...since I was in the same boat.  DH left me with 4 kids..two of which were not mine, the house, the finances, his unemployed year, never ending court battles with Beaver, being the bread winner for our family and my own 45+ hour stressfull job.  Then was all butt hurt since I couldn't worship him like the god he "thought" he was. 



Ugh can someone just explain this too me..cause honestly I think I should have been placed on a gold throne for all I dealt with over these years....certainly not my DH.

DH is now working to make ammends but damn that is way harder than JUST NOT DOING THIS SH*T TO BEGIN WITH.



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Well most celebrities are NARCS at heart, so they really don’t care about other people, which is why most celebrity on celebrity marriages don’t work.  He has a history of cheating on model girlfriends, his current wife he was cheating with when they filmed his animals video, so really no shocker about this guy.  

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One of the doctors I see cheated on his wife (apparently a chronic cheater). She is a STUNNING woman. They own gyms and she could literally WIN fitness competitions. They have 3 beautiful YOUNG children. And besides being gorgeous, she really is a good woman. Hard working, good mom, good person. I can barely look at him now when I go into the clinic. I know something in him has to be broken. SMH

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Needs therapy to figure out why he's "broken."  

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Cheating has nothing to do with the betrayed party, something is broken in the cheater.  Unless it is a bridge affair, which means the relationship was over anyway.


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I think that attributing their crap to something being broken in the cheater is part of the problem.  Nothing is broken in the cheater.

More like ... they are a shit bag.

Keep it simple.  Broken is grey.  Shit bag.... not grey.  It is all on them.  If theyare of character, they can fix it. If not... good riddance.

Just my throughts of course.

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finding what's broken and fixing it with his therpist.  He will readily admit..its him..he has something wrong with him.  

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... there's something wrong with him. Like Rags said, he's a shit bag.

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Its not about the people who get cheated on. Its about the people who cheat. They choose to never truly commit to anything or anyone. If you were mad at your friend, would you steal from them? If you have morals that keep you from stealing from a friend, those morals should not change when you are angry at your friend. Its the same with marriage. Your morals don't change simply because of someone else's actions. You either stay true to your code of ethics or you don't. This says a ton about your character, and this should be important to you. Cheaters don't have a code of ethics, period. Even if my DH betrayed me, I would never cheat on him. It goes against my morals. I would divorce him, but I would never change who I am because of something he did.

By the way, why are ethics and morals so rare these days?

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overcome by events.

My XW was a serially adulterous skank whore who was nearly entirely frigid within the context of our marriage.  In the 30mos we were married, we had sex 7 times.  All of those in the first 18mos. 

When I was at about rock bottom in my confidence and self worth after we had been married for ~9mos and only had sex twice, I was rescued by an angel.  At work I noticed a very attractive young woman sitting outside watching me. For several days in a row.  Finally I walked over to her and enquired if there was something I could do for her.  She replied, using my name, that she and I had unfinished business.  She had been in school with my younger brother.  When they had a graduation party, from 9th grade, I had been the DD to haul a load of kids between several parties at the homes of various parents. Our home was the terminal party and about 25 kids ended up in our home having a great time until their parents picked them up after breakfast the next AM.  I crashed on the sofa while a herd of 15yos were being 15yos all night.  I was awakened when a naked 15yo girl crawled onto the sofa with me.  That was a shocker. I was recently 21 at the time.  I wrapped her in a lap quilt, grabbed her pile of clothes, and took her to the rest room to get dressed.  I did not partake of her offer.  

As it turned out, the young woman outside of my work was the same though no longer 15yo young woman.  During our conversation she invited me to a house party at her parents home.  They were in Europe for the summer. She told me to bring as many friends as I wanted, so I brought a very close friend of mine thinking that they would hit it off.  As it turned out, she was the only person at the party and was not interested in my friend.  My friend left, I stayed. For three days.  Yes. I had sex with her.  Though to this day I do not consider that cheating. She saved my life. She reminded me that I was worthy, I was desireable, and gave me enough confidence to start being more assertive with my XW on her crap until ultimately we divorced after 2.5 years of marriage, 5mos of marriage counseling, 3 more months of my own personal therapy sessions, all while she was riding every swinging Johnson she could get her hands or any other part of her body on. 

My XW was pregnant when she moved out. With the spawn of her geriatric fortune 500 executive sugar/baby daddy.  We had not been intimate in more than 9mos.  Based on her diary, that she interestingly left in our home when she moved out, she had nearly a dozen lovers while we had been married.

That young woman really did rescue me. My XW cheated. I didn't. I survived.  Thanks to an angel.

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I had been lonely for many years in our marriage.  However, at no time did I go around looking for other men to validate me.  That was not something I was willing to do.  I told him that I had planned on giving our marriage a chance after all the kids have left and Beaver was no longer an issue.  If things didn't improve then I was going to leave him.  Plan and simple.  I wasn't going to waste my time in a marriage where I was the only one in it.

DH was shocked when I said this.  Bottom line moral compass said no to seeking others unless I was out of here. 

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Ew, but it's not surprising I mean how many of his songs were about having a girl in every city on his tour? TBH I would expect this of any music artist.

Not to defend him at all, if he and his wife agreed to be monogamous and he wasn't then that's a betrayal. But many famous couples seems to have arrangements to allow each other to spread their wings. Ultimately what is the point of being rich and famous then?? People are only as good as the consequences and if you're that stupid rich there isn't that much consequence.

The mistress tried to play the victim but kept saying how he said she was hotter than a VS model so she's got an ego on her too. Classic other woman, she is a "pick me" of the highest degree.

Both of them are attractive but gross.



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Basically had a name as a playboy, so not surprising he struggles to commit to 1 woman and it's disgusting him wanting to name his 3rd kid if a girl after the girl he's been cheating with??

top it off the girl claims she thought he had ended it with his wife, sure you did... 

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Who doesn't keep up with the latest pop culture/music/entertainment scene, I had to look up this guy.   IMHO he's not that attractive.   He has beady eyes and the way he cuts his hair indicates to me that he is going bald.   In many of his photos he appears to be developing a fivehead.

Maybe he is a good singer (never heard him) but with today's autotune and the like, talent seems to be in short supply  unlike back in the day (Ella Fitzgerald, etc).

Agree that most of the rich and famous are narcs and cheaters.   I am currently watching on Amazon Prime a once popular tv drama series that I never caught when it was originally aired, (too busy working then) but Chef's parents were big fans.  Portrays the rich and famous cheating constantly:  Dallas.  The main cheaters are power hungry and lack self esteem... constantly out to prove something.

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In egomaniacal pop star news, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine allegedly told his mistress Sumner Stroh he wanted to name his child after her.

His third child. The one he’s having with his wife of eight years, Behati Prinsloo.

Well, there’s an honor not often bestowed. I guess “Sumner” was a better choice than Feckpuppet, Side-ho, Schmoopie…

“Ok serious question. I’m having another baby and if it’s [a] boy I really wanna name it Sumner. You ok with that? DEAD serious.”

Stroh, who’s some kind of “Instagram model” in “the scene” (of what? lip injection influencers? is this a career?) titled her video “embarrassed I was involved w a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect.”
Okay, but you knew he was married, right? So, this lack of remorse and respect applies to you as well, Sumner? And you bravely came forward to do the right thing?

Oh, a friend was going to sell your sexts to a tabloid, and you wanted to cash in on that sh!t first?

Yeah, that is embarrassing.

Enjoy the sad sausage channel, CN.
Levine replied to the wandering d0ck allegations on Instagram.

“A lot is being said about me right now and I want to clear the air. I used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner. I did not have an affair; nevertheless, I crossed the line during a regrettable period in my life.”

Funny enough, a bunch of other women have come forward to say Adam used poor judgement with them too.

Behati, we’re here for you

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Kind of reminds me of "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Age old response of a cheater