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Disengage= weight lifted

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I am only q few days into disengaging and I feel like I can finally breathe! For a couple of years I have felt like the walls have been closing in on me and there was nothing I could do. Then I chose to give all the stressors of raising my SDs back to my Hub and a window appeared. Now I can breath again. I am so thankful to have other step parents out there show there support and aren't afraid to share their experiences. It helped give me the steps I needed to feel free again. Since I am a SAHM, I don't have that relief of going to work, but I also don't have to stay and fight.


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Why must it be a constant battle??? I get asked a question, SD doesn't get the answer she wants so she asks DH. Sometimes right in front of me literally right after I just said no. There are so many times I have lost count! I don't know if things have changes since I was i kid, but if I asked one parent if I could do or have something and they said no, I didn't dare ask the other parent. 

My 8 year old stepdaughter tries to mother my 3 year old

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Any time i try to discipline my 3 year old for acting up and being disrespectful, my 8 year old SD feels like she has to jump in or storm out or scream. All because of how I discipline my bio 3 year old. If my bio D is doing anything my SD doesn't agree with, she takes it upon herself to scold her and threaten to discipline her herself if I'm not right there. I have asked her numerous times to refrain and be a sister, not a mother towards my bio D and not to undermine me.. She gets offensive and gripes at me that she isn't.