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Living Apart Together

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I know the subject of staying together but living separately has come up on this page before, and I just came across a TikTok of a dual set of families that uses this arrangement. I believe they're Canadian and have a duplex with a door going between the units. They explain what led them to that decision and how it works for them, and if anyone is interested in seeing a version of that life, the Tik Tok account is: @shellhuntful


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You already know my thoughts on this.  It worked very well for DH and me and I don't think we would have made it if we had moved in together sooner.

I can't wait to have a truly empty nest.

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I think living apart can work. The arrangement you describe seems a little too close together if you need space. 

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I have a friend....ended up divorcing because of her DH's kids. She moved on, bought a house next to me and was very happy being single. Her exDH wasn't. And his adult kids ended up not happy either because they were having to take care of dear ole dad. Friend and exDH began dating again, and subsequently, remarried. She stayed in her home for many years. He lived an hour away in his home. She'd visit on weekends. When he started the "lets live together again," she was clear." I'm not returning to the home you raised your kids in. We build OUR home." He agreed and as of today, they are reunited in their new home, the kids respect her and life is good.

This was also an option for DH and I, with his crazy acting kids. While we use his home as rental property, it would have been no issue to finish the lease out and he move back to his home. He was adamantly against it when I brought it up. We weathered the storm and thankfully, we pretty much live in peace with just a few hicups from SKs.

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I sometimes wish I could do this but DH got upset when I went and slept on the couch last night fro 1:30 till 6:30. Smile (I get super hot at night and the bonus room is nice and cold.).