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Need to vent a little

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I am slightly peeved, but much better than I was last night at least... I am just SO DONE with Petunia's laziness - MY GOD! The girl can't even wash a f***** dish without being told like 10 f***** times!!! THAT IS ALL WE EVER ASK HER TO DO! Mostly because I am a borderline OD clean freak, and I have certain ways of cleaning. Leaving it up to her would surely drive me insane, but SHIT! Just do the damn dishes! AND do them right! OMG! That's another thing - half of them end up right back in the sink because THEY ARE STILL DIRTY!!! UGH!!!!! And no, we do not have a dishwasher...

I was cleaning last night, meanwhile Petunia was either on the damn computer or lounging on the couch. And as I cleaned and just watched her DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, my blood started to boil! She still needed to do the dishes, and here she is lollygagging... Finally, Prince Charming got on her ass about doing them. So she goes into the kitchen and starts throwing plates and cups around - like seriously, WTF!!! She does most of them - NOT ALL OF THEM - because there are some large pots and pans that she "does not know how to clean"! WHAT!!!! OMG! So I tell Prince Charming "UM, Petunia is already 16 years old! She needs to learn!" He says "she won't ever learn!", which is true... so I continue cleaning... I pass by her bedroom at least a half dozen times, and there she is doing her hair... wow... the level of laziness just amazes me!

Anyway, I finally finished cleaning at about 10:30 at night, and I was very satisfied to have a clean home... if it wasn't because cleaning actually relaxes me, she and I would have duked it out A LONG TIME AGO...

so that was my rant for today... I am done now! Thank you for listening (eh... reading)... LOL

I feel much better... Smile


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My SD13 asked me if she could start doing dishes for an allowance. First off I don't believe a child should HAVE to be paid to pull their weight. 2nd, I am a clean freak and want things done RIGHT...not the second time...the FIRST time. I have sat on the couch and watched her wash a cup. I couldn't believe how difficult it was for her. There was something in her cup and she was trying to get it out. After messing around with the cup for 5 minutes, I said " try the wash rag". she looked at me like I was mental. LOL..and you SERIOUSLY want me to PAY you to wash...or attempt to wash all the dishes? Yeah um....NO!!

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My SD8 asked the same thing, if she could do chores to earn an allowance. She asks about once a week when she wants something. So she half ass loads the dishwasher or throws cat food in the general direction of the cat food dish (making an even bigger mess, sometimes she says the cat dish is dirty and just puts a pile of dry food on the floor :? ) and FDH smiles and hands her money. Way to teach her to do it right!

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I read some of these blogs and am completely floored that some SP's don't have authority in their own homes. Our skids live with us fulltime..well only one does now and with me being the one that is with them the most, there is no way I am not going to have authority. My SD13 knows when I talk, she will listen or she can find her ass parked at the kitchen table for the day. Thats how they serve groundings in my house. At the table and they don't move, or lean on the table. And they aren't allowed to speak.

Done WIth It's picture are absolutely right about payings kids when they should helping. I paid them extra for polishing silver, ironing hankies only necause I wanted them to quit hitting me all the time for money.

But even when they were paid an allowance, it was the worst cleaning if you could even call it cleaning. However, when they were at other people's home, amazing what they could do that the parents would go on how thorough they were. I always liked that...whee....I'd comment how great that was as I didn't know that and I could sure use that talent at our place. You should have seen the look on the kid's face from being "smirky smug" to "".

Sorry green frog...typical kid stunt, including my own nieces and nephies.