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If you dislike your stepchild

gratefulheart's picture you ALWAYS feel that way? Or do you have moments where you think that they’re cute or you love them or you’re happy that they’re in your life?

We have my stepdaughter full time and we always have. Bio mom has lived out of state since she was a year old (she is almost 10 now). The older she gets, the more narcissistic she becomes. She’s very fake and manipulative. She acts so much like the bio and she hasn’t even been raised around her. It’s crazy! I feel like I don’t like the kid the majority of the time.

Creating a child doesn’t make you a parent

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I just read another post about someone whose stepchildren have recently stopped calling her mom (after they asked to and chose to) because their bio mom instructed them not to. I saw a lot of strongly opinionated posts on there about how a child should only call their birth or adoptive parents “mom” and “dad,” but I wanted to say something.

Husband in denial about his child’s issues?

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Anyone else have a husband who is in constant denial about his child’s issues?

Does anyone else hear things like: “She’ll grow out of it.” and “This is just a phase.” and “You are making a bigger deal out of it.” and “I don’t want to say anything to her so that she doesn’t feel picked on.” and “You’re just trying to find things wrong with her.”?

Or am I the only one who hears those things?

My mother doesn’t get it

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My mom views my almost 10 year old stepdaughter as this perfect, sweet, beautiful, loving little angel. I’ll be blunt - my stepdaughter kisses everyone’s ass. She knows how to play her audience. She conforms to whatever situation she is in and she puts on a different mask for every single person in her life. She says one thing to your face and one thing behind your back. She has sooo many traits of a child with narcissism (I’ve researched a lot).

I like my stepchild less and less

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I feel awful typing that into the Title field. But it’s the truth.

I have been in my stepchild’s life since she was 4 years old. Her mother abandoned her and moved out of state when was a year old. My husband was never married to her. It was a “young and dumb, let’s party together, oops! I’m pregnant” situation. My stepchild was very ready to have a mom when her father and I started dating and we bonded quickly. She called me “mommy” two weeks after we moved in together. We were shocked but you could tell that she was really happy.