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Is this a begining of a change?

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I can only hope that the past week has been a begining of a change but I'm not getting my hopes up.  Ok, SD15 planned 5 days at her BM's.  Well, SD came home early unexpectedly and without notice.  My SO was surprised as well as myself and my kids (DD18 and DS15).  SD was acting kind and reserved.  She was social and did not demand ALL attention on her.  I was shocked and so was my SO.  The day SD left for BM's he sat her down and gave her a firm talkingto about who is in charge and who she is living with now.  I do not know what happened at BM house but I do like the difference I see. 

My SO asked her what happened that she came home early.  SD claimed that her Aunts were causing fights.  I know how BM is and believe that BM would fight with her sisters but doubt who started the fights.  My SO asked SD if she enjoyed herself and she told him "No".  Then asked her if she could tell the difference between his home and BM's.  SD answered "Yes".  Apparently BM did not have much food in the house and was fighting with BM's husband while there.  SD told us how the only way they had a holiday dinner is because BM's family took them out and paid for the meal and that there were constant fights through out the meal.

I know it is not going to be easy in the future and SD's narcissitic traits (which every teen exhibits to some extent) will cause issues in the future.  But do you think it is foolish to hope for a change in the right direction? I do not think SD and I will ever bond like family but maybe we can be at peace with each other's presence.  I am not going to count on anything changing but can try to be optimistic and will not let my guard down but this is a good start, right?


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You were right and just as I predicted.  1 1/2 weeks was all it lasted before she started calling anyone and everyone crying how she was being neglected, how mean I am, and how she is the victim.  Oh well, told him see you when she moves out. LOL, never gonna happen unless he grows a pair.