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"Active Blogs from 4 years ago"? on RT hand side?

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OK, so maybe I am in a bad mood today because I just can NOT understand why BM gets away with  pulling off all the shenanigans she does and NO one blinks an eye?

Which possibly leads to why I am irritated about Recent/Active Blogs thingie located on the RT side of page.

Will someone explain the relevancy to post 4 year old blogs?


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I think if someone comments on a blog or forum topic... even if it was from 10 years ago, it brings it to the top of the cue...kind of like a picture or story on FB can resurrect itself to your newsfeed if someone comments on it.... so I have learned to check dates before I waste my time commenting or worrying about a story.

Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about though

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It’s annoying me too. Maybe I should just pay more attention, but several times now I’ve clicked on one that seems interesting, and even commented, paying no attention to the dates (because we didn’t have to before), only to go back and see I’ve commented on a very old blog that is probably no longer relevant to the OP.

i agree that it is incredibly annoying. 

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But then noticed it has, "More like this" written above that section so yes, it's digging up blog posts you may be interested in based on the post you are currently on. I don't care much for that section as I also almost commented on a ten year old blog and wasted time.

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I just responded TWICE to a 5-year-old post before someone finally pointed out that the thing is, hey, idiot, this poor woman you're giving advice to is probably divorced and loving her life more than you now!

Yea, the new format is taking some getting used to.

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Lol marblefawn!

”this poor woman is probably divorced and loving her life more than you right now” I love that!

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Perhaps it should be a consideration for Dawn to ditch it. 




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Goodluck I don't post on blogs that are old. I hear ya.

I miss the comments that used to be on the left to see who was posting.

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I think the reason for this is that it can share amazing information and advice. Some of these old blogs have people who might have had amazing knowlage but are no longer around for whatever reason. They might be a sorce of something that can help someone else.

That being said yes there should be something to alert that the blog is older so that you don't waste time commenting.

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I'd like the ability to delete MY old forum topics. Still awaiting the Block feature...

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Sometimes I like to read them even if they were written by folk from years ago.  Perhaps Dawn & company can use color to identify archieved posts?   For instance, posts over 12 months old are delineated by a colored outline or different background.