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In laws

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Well, SD dropped the skirts for shorts for a family camp out with the in laws...

Our visit was as always, SD being coddled and fawned over, especially since now SD has “problems”.  So MIL goes on and on and on about how smartand beautiful SD is.  Then my severely obese, codependent SIL (married to my abusive BIL) , feeds SD (who is steadily gaining weight without her help), apparently she wants SD to medicate with food like she does.  And I do get that she might not realize that’s what she’s doing.  She’s nice and feels sorry for SD, and did I mention she is codependent?  On top of this, MIL is trying to convince me, over and over again that SIL is the one to help SD with all her problems.... right that’s all she needs, another person to feel sorry for her.  I just wanted to scream at MIL that SIL has a ton of her own problems she needs to fix before she tries to fix other people.  The only person that can help SD is a good therapist in conjunction with SD.    But I nodded and smiled, thinking no way in hades, which is all I can do since the woman is bat crazy and delusional.

On top of that, DH and I leave all the kids with them overnight, not my choice, but DH and kids want to, so I’m overruled.   They forget to feed the boys breakfast, and really all they had to do was say, get yourself some food, or tell me hey they didn’t eat breakfast, and I would have fed them, but that is apparently beyond their capabilities, and I had to spend the day with three grumpy kids...   Lol, including SD who was grumpy because there was no more coddling to be had.  Then I found my youngest ended up with an infected cut on his foot no one cleaned out or even told me about.  They didn’t even have to touch him, I would have taken care of it.  I seriously do not like them, and Im so very glad I don’t have to lay eyes on them until next year.