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BM is off the deep end

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Some juicy drama, BM was arrested for beating up ex SF months ago.  DH just found out about this now.  On top of this SF has been throwing temper tantrums and throwing stuff at home.  So SD is at our house until who knows when.

 So, The next time SD goes on about how much better her mom is to get under my skin, boy do I have the best shut down remarks to use ever.  I can start with the fact that at least I’ve never been in the back of a police car, and work up from there.  

One of my friend’s kids goes to school with one of BMs kids, and I made sure to tell her what was going on in their home.  So she’s not sending her kid into that mess.

As an update:  DH was very bugged by the pictures of he and BM canoodling, so he went into explicit detail as to why he and BM are never ever ever getting back together (the cheating, the crazy, and the battery).  The picture is no longer hanging up.  And I did not attend SD’s birthday party, thank goodness.  In laws also didn’t go, so I didn’t have to go into any details about why my kids and I didn’t go.  It looks like DH was just invited to be a chauffeur, since SD and her friend couldn’t fit in BM’s car.  As a side note, BM and SF sat next to each other and pretended nothing was wrong.



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for being up ex SF

What finishing school did you say BM attended?

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This is useless without details. LOL

Is the exBF a punk that gets off on beating women?  If so, then kudos to mom for having the guts and skills to knock him on his ass.  


Are they just two gutter rats?

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I wasn’t there... but she would get mad and attack my DH when they were married.  He told me no big deal she couldn’t really hurt him. However SF is puny and he possibly was cheating on her.  (I say possibly b/c she would constantly freak out on DH that he was cheating on her.  She would use his spam email folder as “proof”.)