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Sanitary towels

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The little bitch has been warned and warned not to keep used sanitary towels in her bedroom. and she does still.

Feel like kicking her out of the house. My house is not rubbish bin.
Last time I said I will take her bin away from her if that happens again. I just need to find a way so that she doesn't say I was sneaking in her room


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Midweststepmom, that is very very tempting. But I am going for a bit milder action, I have taken it away now, emptied and put it in my room. I have a feeling she will look for it and won't ever ask as she knows what she has done. When friday comes I'll ask DH if he needs it in front of her.

Notasm, I can't do that as she is I think as strong as I am, and (hard to admit) taller.

My mum told me that I am an open book and she knows my moves, and uses them against me. So now I am going to start playing dirty. She won't see anything coming

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I'd be tempted to remove every damn thing from her room except the bed. Yes, the door, too.

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Take pictures and post it on facebook for all her friends to see....

Ask for help in teaching her how not to be disgusting....

Ask her peers for maximum impact....

My daughter was gross like this one time, and one time only. I nipped that crap real quick....

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Yep that is what I mean. We call them pads, sanitary towels.
Goodness me, I can never imagine napkin like pad being enough for my periods. This is a used (properly used)bloody thing wrapped in put in her bin, next to her bed on the pillow side

Yuck yuck

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oh my! Disagree! Until a child in my home is paying a portion of the mortgage, then I shall go in any and every room I please. It is MY home. And if I ask that something be done or not done, then I shall follow up. If that means "snooping" then so be it. If you don't like it then, leave.

and yes, I was a teenager once and I can remember debating with my mother about having to make my bed and keep my room tidy but for the love of pete!!!! We are talking nastiness here. Unsanitary (no pun intended) conditions. NOT acceptable!

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All right, I've seen this general sentiment before. And yes, used sanitary products under beds and such are gross. But let me see if I've got this. Your SD left a used sanitary product WRAPPED and IN HER GARBAGE CAN? It just happened to be in the garbage in her room? ("bloody thing wrapped in put in her bin")

If so, sorry, I think you need to get over it. It's not gross, but I think you're weird for sifting through a garbage can looking for used pads.

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I admit I am a card carrying member of the kind and loving police-lol, but I agree this is over the top. Actually I don't carry a card in that particular club, I just don't see the need for shame and humiliation and poor parenting when other things are often more effective.

My ss16 was beyond nasty. He did any number of disgusting and hideous things. However, I never went thru his trash can looking through things he wrapped up just to see if there was something disgusting in there. There were usually enough disgusting things in plain sight, I also have 3 bios. Can't say I've ever gone thru their trash either. I just think that is gross. I also think some of you ladies have too much time on your hands- no offense- but between a demanding full time job, a pack of kids, housework, kid activities, time with dh, and my own hobbies I don't think I would have time to dig thru all the kids trash on a regular.

If you really have issues with this, then speak to your dh and have him put a stop to it. If he won't, if doesn't believe you or what have you then you have a much bigger problems than wrapped sanitary towels in a trash can, or if you really want to do something shaming then shame your dh for not addressing it. Post it on his Facebook. Pack it in his lunchbox, briefcase, gym bag. It is his job to parent her- so force the issue.

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Ok and I have a really dumb question here. But why is this such a big deal. My girls have trash cans in both their rooms and bathroom. Both have the closed lid with foot pedal. I or they put plastic bags in the trash cans to line them. They take trash out when full. Ties the plastic bag and throw it in the larger trash receptacle outside. How is it anymore unsanitary to use the room trash over the bathroom trash? In some ways throwing it in room trash at least confines it to their own area vs the bathrooms which are shared.

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Oh I ansolutely get this sally- these things are gross, but I didnt see where those things were happening with op

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I have another dumb question - what was she supposed to do with it? If I am understanding correctly - she wrapped it up and put it in the trash can in her room. Are you upset that she didn't use the trash can in the bathroom?

I have read the horror stories on here about girls who leave their used pad every place except the trash can - but this doesn't seem to be that. I'm trying to understand the anger.

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I think I need to explain better as I believe I need to do the same on the other blog as well.
She has her own room and has her own rubbish bag. Before she moved in she stayed with her Nan about 7 months and MIL has tolde that was something to watch for as she was doing such back in their house. We have a rubbish bin in the bathroom which gets emptied almost every day. When she moved in her and I went and bought her a wash basket with matching rubbish bin to go in her room and I said to use the rubbish bin for like paper, rappers or anything that will not smell, invite bugs etc. she agreed.
Last period time, she has not taken her rubbish over 10 days and the house smelled gross as well as we had lots of flies. Including DH, we looked all around the house to spot where the flies were being attracted to.

I don't normally go around sniffing people's rubbish bins. But after last time ( which I had to say if it happens I would take the bin away) I wanted to make sure that rule was being followed. What I have found was folded which I assume but opened afterwards bloody pad.
I am constantly making sure the house is clean and tidy. As we rent the house we live in, we get house inspections regularly and we have people come to our house for social visits. Stinking house is not acceptable.
Even if don't get anyone come in the house I believe it is my right to ask everyone to keep the house clean.

Ps: just in case I am judged, if DS5 splashes pees outside the toilet he is given a mop to clean. If he makes mess he cleans. It is not double standards

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Oh one more, bathroom rubbish bin gets emptied almost daily if I have my period same would happen with her if she used that. Bathroom toilet window is open at all times with a fly screen.
She had no plastic bag to line the rubbish bin and her pad has not been wrapped.

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Sally please read the other blog as I hope that can give you a better picture.

I however would like to ask you how long you keep your pads and where you keep them? How long do you think in the middle of Summer(it is summer in New Zealand) it would take for them to smell the whole house?

SD's parent who is DH is absent all week and I don't think I can wait him to arrive to get rid of the smell.

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While she is at your house can you just ask that she empty her trash daily? I guess I get where you are coming from. My girls accumulate trash in their room about the same rate as the bathroom trash accumulates so I wasn't thinking of that aspect. But again I would think this is your dh's responsibility to address with her. Not because it's none of your business, but because it's his job to parent her, not yours. So you take complaints to him. He addresses with her and stays on top of her to make sure she does what she needs to do. I think that would help out and your sd get along better or if ou don't care about getting along better at least it might reduce your stress