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O/T : Fear the Walking Dead Ep:2 apocalypse with BM

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Ok, so we discussed the blended family with Episode 1, Now were into Episode 2. main character mom sent DH to go get SS and BM. They are currently held out in a barber shot during a riot/walker area. Planning to head to the house where SM and her kids are as soon as its safe to leave the riot/walker zone.

Would you be ok with BM in your home during the apocalypse?

Would you keep her around so you have someone to trip when the Walkers are chasing you? lol


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hahaha I love this topic, and was actually wondering this exact thing while watching it last night. I've decided that NO, BM is not welcome in our house during apocalypse. Not our job to save her helpless butt!

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Sure. I can run much faster than her and there is plenty of meat there to keep several zombies occupied while I get away. }:)

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I-m so happy Yes, this, for exactly that reason! Otherwise, no, she has no valuable skills of any sort.

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I can't imagine that. Stuck in a barbershop with a family who doesn't want you there, your bitchy exwife, and rebellious teenage son during an apocalypse. Yeah, that would make for s really bad day.

My dh would rather fall prey to walkers then to be stuck with bm.

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All very valid things to think of!
Both BM and ExH would come running with the kids for our place! Were stocked for the apocalypse and they know it. lol

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Those are some hard questions. I really like that the fear of the walking dead is putting those questions out there for blended families. This blended family isn't even as complicated as most.

In mine we have a yours, mine, and ours. With exes having other kids and family. It does get complicated. It really will be interesting to see if the biomom ends up basically being stuck with her ex and his new wife. Talk about a nightmare.

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I have a tendency to think that the way they are laying out the characters, they will all be stuck together for a short while, but that BM will be the first to fall victim to the Walkers out of their group.

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I'm the ultimate Walking Dead fan, but this spinoff makes me cringe! Spend the apocalypse with the ex? Screw that! She's be walker chow. DH said if he were the husband on that show, he'd grab his son, ditch the ex, and find his wife! Seriously, "I have to go get my son and his mom?" How about, "I have to go get my son" period? I get that they're amicable and all that fake horse crap, but I don't know if I can keep watching this. He wasted a perfect opportunity to get rid of the BM for good! }:)

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He only got stuck there because they were looking for the teenage son. Seems like biomom was not too hepped on being with him as well.

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I couldn't let my BS see me/DH leave his dad (my ex) in the dust to try to survive and take BS, if we had the ability and means to help my Ex. And as much as I hate BM and the skids I would have to think the same way.

I'd personally want to leave the skids behind, LOL, but I couldn't do that to DH and I'm sure the skids wouldn't be able to leave their mom.

It would be a lot of sucking shit up and dealing with it and trying to work out a best solution for survival for everyone. I wouldn't want it on my conscience if I purposely left someone for dead, no matter how much I dislike them.

Knowing both my Ex and BM though, they wouldn't survive very long even with our help.

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Maybe this is a more serious answer than expected on this blog about a tv show but here goes. You know how some people are good in emergency situations are some are not - and you have no idea who is in which category until something happens? Unfortunately, my FH and SS are shit in an ER. They are the ones who freeze, then do something stupid and just make the situation worse. But they WANT to be in charge so you have to fight them to get them on the right track. NOT helpful! OSD is problematic because she just takes it upon herself to do things which may or may not be constructive and fails to communicate but she has some common sense. YSD asks what to do, does what she is told, and communicates so she is very good in an ER. I get stone cold in an ER situation and take charge. Plus I have a "medical stomach" and do not get grossed out by much. (AFTER the ER is over - then the adrenaline hits me and I need to be by myself for a minute to shake it off)

We have had a couple of incidents over the years - cuts, power outages - and I have to confess that I was really annoyed at how ineffective FH was. My late husband was really good in ERs. Better than I am actually. Over 15 years there were several times that the shit hit the fan and there was never a question that we could work together and, if it were me that was hurt, I was in good hands. It makes me uncomfortable to know that I am pretty much on my own now if there is a problem. :O

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I think that was a good answer! Not many people know about the emergency freeze reaction, but the statistic on it is like 88% freeze and the other 11% is left to get everyone to safety.
DH is amazing in an emergency and so is SS! I panic and so does DD, but we can be directed out of it quickly and move into action, DS and SD freeze. Its a good thing to know how you react in a true emergency, unfortunately you don't know for sure till the emergency happens.

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Thanks! It actually sounds like you have a good dynamic in your household if the two who panic can be directed and have someone to direct them. The real problem is people who refuse communication/direction because they become a second set of problems in the middle of the ER. Freezers - so long as they do not become belligerent and actually refuse to move - can be herded along more easily. The good thing is that you know in advance who falls into which category and can make ER plans. That is really key.

Sigh....there apparently is a "prepper" lurking somewhere inside me. I have been fascinated by ER medicine and planning for ages.

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I've been watching with my SO and shaking my head at that aspect of the story line. Last night I told him that I would not hesitate to use BM as zombie bait.

When the ex-wife was mad that the dad was coming by her house on her time with their son, I said "See? She's just trying to have healthy boundaries and he's trampling all over them."

I also made loud retching noises when the guy said he was in the barber shop with "my family", which apparently includes his ex-wife.

The cast has given interviews and they say stuff like "Well, we're just a normal blended family, like so many out there these days." I think the show is just trying to be precious AND relevant.

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You know what pisses me off about this scenario? That in the event of an apocalypse, BM would still be trying to get with DH.

Like, bitch, the end of civilization is upon us and you're worried whether or not your vagina is going to get some?

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In the fear of the walking dead it seemed to me that no love was lost between the Bm and ex. It seemed to me like she was discouraging him from coming over at all.

I will tell you that some bms wouldn't want their ex even if they were the last man standing.

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True. I'd be that BM. I would not want the ex (if I had one) to be with me because I know it's one less person to feed and to worry about when stealth in movement is everything with walkers.

I just meant if my set of people were in that scenario.

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Main dude in Barber Shop "I'm Travis and this (his BS and EX) is my family" ooh that grated on me! Lol

As for the original question; SO will want his daughter, fine. BM will have an 'unfortunate' accident fairly shortly after joining us.