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Trying not be resentful

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I'm trying not to be resentful but it's a little hard this time. We got the girls last night, and of course BM drops them off as late as possible.  Well I suggested we play a game, so we do and the OSD is literally on her phone every 5 seconds. We get through one round and she decides to go in her room and then whine because she can't find her phone charger. She has an iPhone and we don't so our chargers aren't compatible but we have old cords for iPhone. So, I stupidly said there might be a cord out in my car. Then while I'm playing with YSD the older one keeps asking for my keys or if I can go get it. Then this morning I wake up to OSD immediately playing Fortnite on our only TV.  I am not going to wake up and watch you play a stupid Video Game. 

Now I know this isn't all that bad but part of the reason we had our whole issue with Lawyers is because OSD exaggerated a situation and manipulated it to get the feel bad for me reaction. She is very infamous for not handling her emotions and when you try to talk about it with her she makes it about the party that isn't even there. Plus she made a comment last night about how she apparently wants BM's last name and not DH's. I just kind of felt like if you aren't actually going to spend the time with us why did we just spend all this effort and money to get you here. 

Maybe it'll get better it is just the beginning but not the best start. 


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Your OSD just sounds like a typical teen. Nothing she's doing is out of the ordinary for this screen-obsessed generation of kids.

Ask your DH to set limits on the use of the TV for video games, or get her one to put in her room. But don't take this stuff personally, and don't feel obligated to entertain these kids or make their visitation pleasant.