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Has anyone used an HSA for a stepkid?

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I am finding conflicting information online.

Long story short, we are struggling with YSS19 and have found a counselor for him and are hoping it will be a good fit.  He is on BM's insurance and we know from experience that her involvement will likely lead to an unsuccessful outcome as she doesn't believe in it.  We are calling it "life coaching" to try to remove his bias against it, and he seems to like the counselor so far.

So, we are paying out of pocket.  I have a good amount of money in my HSA and am willing to use some of it to help defray the cost but I'm not sure if I can do that.  

Does anyone have experience with this? 



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You can use your HSA for any qualifying medical expense for anyone in your care, whether or not they are on your insurance.

I have done this with no issue at all. Just be careful that the expense is a qualifying medical expense (dentist and glasses count too).

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I work at Anthem BCBS and I can clarify this...

A HSA account is a health savings account set up by your employer to defray unreimbursed medical expenses for those that are covered under your plan.

Understand that the administrator of that HSA plan can ask for documentation to prove that the expenses fall between the guidelines and for an individual listed on your plan, if not the account can be frozen until those funds are reimbursed back to the HSA. I have had subscribers call us to question this more times than I can count.

Just because you've gotten away.with it doesn't make it any less insurance fraud. Weigh your options before you proceed.


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I don't want to get away with anything, that's why I am asking.  I thought the guidelines were IRS, not plan specific?

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So what happens if you have an HSA but no longer have a high deductible health plan? My understanding was that I could use those funds, but I couldn't add to them.

Additionally, I was under the assumption that HSA funds could be used for family members not covered by your plan, such as your child or spouse.

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The HSA guidelines that I read (at least for my HSA, and I work at a major hospital) state that anyone with my care (not necessarily on my insurance), as a dependent (spouse, kid, skid) can benefit from my HSA. I checked before using them.

I don't know if there are various guidelines for various employers, but this is what I know for sure as far as my own goes.

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Qualified medical expenses are those incurred by the following persons.

You and your spouse.

All dependents you claim on your tax return.

Any person you could have claimed as a dependent on your return except that:

The person filed a joint return,

The person had gross income of $4,150 or more, or

You, or your spouse if filing jointly, could be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s 2018 return.

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DH and I file "Married, filing separately" but if we filed jointly, DH could claim him.  I'm not sure if that meets the criteria and there isn't agreement on the websites I found.