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Food for Thought

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Here's something I came across during my nocturnal ramblings last night when I was too upset to sleep. I think this applies perfectly to my DH now, and many of us on here.

"Sometimes there are people in our lives who seem to have pressed the self-destruct button, they make one bad decision after another and seem to create chaos and heartbreak all around. We really do love them but we really cannot help them and that's a frustrating and sad place to be. And so, we begin to emotionally and even physically love them from a distance. We let go so that we can share our light and love with those who are able to receive it. And we let go so that the love and light that surrounds us can be received."

-Paul S. Boynton



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It is so often so difficult to recognize boundaries. Once we do, we can breathe a sigh of relief, but I think with those we love - especially children during the teenage years - those boundaries can get really blurred.

And in your situation, it's all just so murky. Such a sad tale. I just hope SS really has no grasp of how serious the $hit he's stirred up is... and one day begs forgiveness, turns his life around, and becomes someone you (and DH) are not deeply ashamed of. You've both been good parents to him, and it must be quite sad to see no results from that.

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Can I 'steal' that quote? Please?
We basically went through something similar this past spring... it does get easier.
We haven't seen SS18 since April 16th. Sadly for him, my husband has found peace & dare I say, happiness because of the release of the stress.

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Ghost...I am catching up and just read your blog. How awful! I am so sorry for your DH. You too, but for him to lose 2 kids now. And both in such terrible ways.

When I think of nutty terrible BM's...yours is usually the first that pops to mind. She is something else.

I don't know what SS did but I hope you keep us updated as much as you feel comfortable. I also hope he kept your son out of it. That would be the worse case. Sorry.