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Maybe the child's not the issue?

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I really wish the doctor would open his eyes.

BM has been talking about how bad the kid is and that she NEEDS to get him on a 504 for school. She NEEDS his medication more than doubled. So on and so on becuase he's just so out of control. Except his grades are consistently As and Bs AND yet again he was named student of the month for his class. He rarely gets negative marks on his dojo from the teacher except for maybe talking out of turn now and then as any 3rd grader does.

So clearly the school doesn’t see an issue. We’ve expressed that we don’t see an issue. Who’s left? If 2 out of three people / places say the child is great maybe it’s not the child who’s the problem.


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BM here was like that. She just couldn't handle him. She got him on adderall and then he started having heart issues. Imagine that?!?! 

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It just drives me nuts because she wants to blame everyone else rather and just be a parent. Every single one of his "issues" is 100% normal for a 3rd grader. He forgot his charger, lost his glasses, didn't do the dishes so clearly he's mentally ill and incapable.

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Is SS currently on meds for school?

Here, the doctor gives the parent paperwork for the teacher to fill out and the teacher mails it to the doctor. If the paperwork indicates no need the doctor does not prescribe (or increase) meds for school.

Most times, if the doctor recommends counseling, the complaining parent ignores it and changes doctors. Then the cycle repeats.

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Kiddo is in therapy and has been for over a year. I don't know how she keeps doing it but even with school reports and my partners input she's still gotten his medication doubled. SO was able to show him the school report cards and dojo reports but that doesn't matter. The doctor doesn't listen and BM is annoying so they give her what she wants.

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Same here...both SSs are medicated. Both "diagnosed" by their pediatrician with psych illnesses without ever have a more formal, in-depth evaluation. Even BM's dog is medicated due to "doggy ADD", certainly not because BM bought a high energy dog and then no one took the dog on a walk, ever...

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To stay relevant.  All those DR visits, all those conferences with teachers, principal.  Ect. All those phone calls with the Ex BF.   BM is so great, giving up her life, job, social circle to devote her time to poor sick DS.   She must have exter time so DS is sicker.  She must call BF about that.   Maybe a metal is coming for her 

Then maybe she is sick herself