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Makes sense

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We did a small birthday for the oldest kiddo the other day. Because it was just a mid week visit we really couldn't do much. Just a few presents, sang happy birthday, ate a walmart cake. We also bought tickets for an activity were going to do the next time we have them for the weekend. Kiddo was so happy she started crying. I didn't get it until I'm seeing evidence that their mom who has primary hasn't done anything for her.

I mean this she posted some random photos of the last year while annoucing kiddos age but thats it.

Last month was the other kiddos birthday and BM posted pictures of the family party they did. Cake, presents, pool party at aunts house. Prefectly acceptable party.

Yet we haven't seen anything for oldest child and trust me BM is not the type to not post.

But this has been an ongoing issue of her going all out for the youngest and the oldest is barely a second thought. I'm getting really sick of it for the oldest.

Last year BM did a "joint" party. Ok except it was at a place only youngest likes, 8 out of 10 guest were youngest friends, theme was clearly the youngest choice... then this year she's basicly being completely ignored? 


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Nothing will change if BM's nose is not rubbed in the stench she is putting this kid through.

IMHO of course.

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That is so hard. Even though what you feel you did was small, it was obviously huge. I think the most important thing is to just keep showing up and doing what you can. My heart breaks for oldest!

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Awe glad you made her birthday, I am sure she is feeling the love which is important!