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Why disengaging is so hard for me...

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I read BM's blog. They are usually extremely amusing. Her spelling is horrendous and she loves to blog about how she hates when people XYZ but she does the same exact thing!

Anyway, I got an email from SS13's math teacher that he is very concerned about SS's grades. While he is passing the class, his quiz and test grades are extremely low and the only reason he's passing is because he did all his homework and classwork for this particular class. He said SS doesn't pay attention and like any other class that builds on previously learned concepts he is concerned that SS will continue to fail because he doesn't understand the basics.

All I can think about is the blog she wrote recently about how she's her number 1 priority in life over everything and everyone else. This makes me so sad for SS. All she ever talks about is HER health, HER workouts, HER new clothes, etc. She is all MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME and there is a little boy that needs her. I wish she'd just give him to us so we can raise him. See him EOWE or something.

While she's standing on her soapbox, ranting about who knows what and taking selfies at the gym *shudder* her child is failing. Great job MOTY!

I have no answer for this teacher. I don't even want to be involved. I forwarded the email to DH. I really find her absolutely disgusting.


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DH calls every day. SS always says he doesn't need help. Aside from just showing up at her house (which he would never do) there isn't much he can do if SS lies about it.

When he's with us DH goes over his homework and checks for correct answers. SS could show BM a 3 year old worksheet and say it was his homework and it was complete and she'd say okay and let him go play. DH has asked if SS could come over to our house every day after school so DH can help him with homework, he's also asked if we could keep SS during the week so we can ensure he is doing his work but BM always throws a fit and says no. BM works overnight and DH has tried to get FOFR so we could have him every night but our attorney says it makes him look petty. How I don't know.

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When I want a good laugh, I go stalk BM1's FB page. She really doesn't post much other than those motivational quote things but they are hilarious given she has 5 kids and 3 baby daddies and only has custody of 1 kid, pays zero CS for any of the others and acts like a raging asshole 24/7. I'm there right now so I can share some of her ridiculousness with you

"My kids aren't just my children they are my everything!"

"Anyone can have a child and call themselves a parent. A real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants"

"A man should never disrespect the Mother of his child. No matter how mad you are, always remember, she's doing whatever she can to provide, protect, love and feed your child like no one else will."

"No matter what happens my kids come first it's that simple"

I mean this is some funny shit right here! Nice FAKEbook page BM, you freaking loon!

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Most of it is funny and I don't usually take her seriously. This has been the first thing she's posted that really bothered me.

We DO help him with homework when he's with us. Sometimes I want to disengage because I'm tired of constantly fighting against her.

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i looked at bm fb page once she said how much she loved all her kids. she has no contact court ordered with all her kids.

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Can I go back to your first couple sentences? Why did YOU get an email from his teacher? Why didn't BM or BD get one? :?

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Probably because the teachers still don't get that I'm not the mom. Had the same issue last year. One teacher had the nerve to "get on to me" in an email about SS not doing his school work. I told her I'm sorry I'm not his mom and have no control over that-I'll forward this to DH and BM. She apologized immediately.

They never see BM. Just us. It happens quite frequently with everything.