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seriously? Why does she do that?

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I feel like I say this a lot when it comes to the cuntalotapus.

So after all the screaming and fighting over the the weight loss research study SS is doing.(BM wanted to participate with him and she can't because part of it will be covered by our insurance) She was supposed to come to the appt today. DH just called he got a text from BM "I won't be able to make son's appt today. Do I need to come get him after the appt or can you bring him to me?"

Soooooooooo you can't make the appt but you can pick him up after the appt?

DH asked me why I think she isn't going to the appt. I told him "When has she ever really been interested in his life and what he does?" She only participated in little league football because she found friends (the trashiest people she could find there)

So as usual it will be DH participating in the program and I will continue to go the nutritional counseling sessions with them (since I'm the one who cooks)

Why does she throw big tantrums like that and then not follow through? what was the purpose of all that?


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That's what I used to wonder when we would go to practice or the games she would go off and smoke with her friends (that's right she used to smoke on school property) I reported them to the school board who had a police officer out there every night after that. Smile

It makes me feel bad for SS. He deserves a mom who is involved in his life.