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Last night was fee night. Cuntalotapus didn't come, thankfully but DH managed to piss me off though...

Our school system doesn't give out books for middle school and high school. They hand out laptops. The paperwork said to pick up the laptop we needed to: pay the fee (50.00), sign the form that says child and parent read the rules and responsibilities of having the laptop AND a sleeve or bag to take the laptop home.

I bought DS and SS very nice LL Bean backpacks. So I told SS to take the backpack since it has a laptop sleeve AND that's what he's going to be carrying it around in anyway...

SS was acting like a brat. I questioned him and DH told me to let it go. I shrugged my shoulders and focused on keeping DS entertained while we waited in the ridiculously long line to pick up his schedule and laptop.

Later DH tells me SS was embarrassed that no one else was carrying a backpack and that I needed to be more empathetic to SS's insecurities. WTF? you are embarrassed because you followed the instructions? He should be more embarrassed that he refuses to care for his skin and has zits all over his face.

Yes, they were letting people take the laptops without a bag but I felt better knowing that his was being protected in the bag. But I guess since SS isn't financially responsible for the damn thing he doesn't care.


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Oh I feel ya!! Having this same issue in my home right now too. Our school issues iPads. SS went to pick his up last year, I told him bring a backpack so you can put your schedule, iPad etc in it. He of course ignored me. Rode his bike up to the school, got his stuff, jumped on his bike and EGADS!!!...dropped the iPad on the ground...and it broke. In his hands less than 30 minutes. $50 deductible to get it fixed. Discussion with SS ensued regarding that he was told to take a backpack and didn't, he was riding his bike and therefore shouldn't have ANYTHING in his hands, etc. This was his one "free pass", after this, he would be responsible for the deductible.

GUESS WHAT!!?? He dropped it again...and broke a corner and the screen. He knew since the end of the year last year, but waited for the school to send a bill. Hanging isn't paying it...he is taking it out of his "dirt bike fund" savings.

It's time to sign up for a new insurance policy on these iPads through the school. Three options: 1) $20/year per iPad (we have FOUR kids in the school this applies to) and the deduct is $50 if damage is under $150, or $100 if the damage is over $150. 2) $40 per Ipad and ZERO deductible if there is damage. 3) No insurance but if there is damage you pay for the iPad to the tune of $597. DH wants us to do the ZERO deduct plan which amounts to $160, I say we do the $50/$100 deduct plan which amounts to $80. Why? Well because so far I only have three other kids who have yet to use their "free pass" so the most I will be paying out is $150 if ALL THREE damaged their iPad. Getting the ZERO deductible I think makes it too easy for the kids (mainly SSs who do not take care of their possessions AT ALL) to not have to be so responsible for their iPad because if it breaks it doesn't cost anything anyway. Two of the four are in Jr High, two of the four are in HS (one of each for both of us) and it's time they start learning responsibility. Now my HS student is very responsible. She's had her iPad for more years than any of the other three and has never had to pay for damage. My youngest is not as responsible but sure doesn't want to have to tell mom she has to pay for her being careless. My two wouldn't bother them in the least. They are the two that MOST NEED to learn some responsibility and accountability. At 12 and almost 15 they still expect everything to be handed to them at their whim, that they should constantly be entertained, that if they lose something, break something, etc it will just automatically be replaced, etc. So at the moment, DH and I are at odds about this...but I'm standing my ground. DH doesn't want to separate finances...fine...but then that means financially we aren't doing more than necessary.

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I loved our school policy, bring your own electronics, whatever that may be...If they destroy it, they don't have it. SS16 is so careful with his. BM Disney Mom'd him last Christmas with a 1500 computer. He knows we won't replace so he treats it really well.

If they break things they need to have some skin in the game. I made BS pay for his phones except the first one and he has never lost or broken one. SD18 is on like number 5.

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I told SS that if he breaks it it's coming out of his allowance. We're not paying to fix's a 100.00 deductible.