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Just checking in

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Hola mis amigos!!

I'm very much behind on all the posts so please forgive me if I dredge up some from the last week as I was on vacation.

Last year, I burned so much vacation on my back issues and surgeries, I even ate into this year's leave a little. Last year's vacation to the WV mountains had to be shortened due to leave issues and back pain.

Toxic versus Healthy Relationships

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**This goes pretty much for all relationships, but both types I've experienced in relationships with men who have children with someone else, so it's relevant to step-life.**

I now have experience with both and am directing this towards a couple posters who seem to be in relationships with toxic/disordered people:


OT: Hot as a mutha!!!

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Okay, I'm sick of the heat. What I wouldn't give for a crisp autumn day, warm socks, a hot mug of tea and a slice of pumpkin pie, right now.

But nooooooooo - the whole country, it seems, is roasting. Please enjoy the following rant that closely reflects how I'm feeling right now:

I met his daughter

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Last night, I met new guy's 30 year old daughter. She's lovely and very welcoming. The two of them have a very strong relationship but prior to last night, he hadn't seen her for several weeks. She's a bartender, lives in her own apartment and supports herself.

We met up at a local brew house and I was relieved to see she has as good taste in beer as her father does (I wouldn't have been able to date him if he liked crap beer - truth). We shared a plate of brisket sliders - delish.

The difference a year makes

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A year ago, yesterday, I spent the entire day bed-ridden, in pain, and alone in my new house. My DS23 spent the day with his dad. I had just re-herniated my disc 8 days prior. I was separated from XH2, anxious, tired and broken hearted, but still happy to be out of the home we shared, and our house sold.

This year, I am not married, but very much loved, respected and cherished by a good guy. I'm not in pain, nor am I anxious. Instead, we got up yesterday and went for a long bike ride (dang it was hot), then he joined me at my house for a cookout - just the two of us.

Unicorns Exist!!

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I'm hoping I don't jinx myself, but all signs point to the new guy in my life being a unicorn.

I wasn't looking and didn't think I was ready to date, but there he was, in my cycling group and unbeknownst to me, smitten with me. I didn't know until he asked me out.

OT - Happy Spring

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Spring begins at exactly 5:58 pm, today. Happy spring, biotches!!

In celebration, my cycling group is doing a 12 mile after work ride around some small lakes. The first ride was me and another guy who lives in my neighborhood. Today will be myself, a couple people from my kayaking group and 2 guys from the neighborhood. We have another ride planned for Sunday afternoon!

OT: Better and better

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Life is good, my friends.

I've been in the gym, dieting and I AM KILLING it. I've dropped some pounds and will soon have to drop a jean size. My diet is pretty low carb, so the cellulite is almost eradicated. I'm doing cardio, swimming, strength training, and hiking. I feel great.

In my class the other day, the instructor did have us try some jumping jacks and I could feel a tiny twinge on my sciatic nerve. No bueno. I did the modified move. Wink