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OT: The winter doldrums

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This time of year seems the perfect breeding ground for the winter doldrums.

The holidays are over, so there aren't as many cheery lights up and the days are still short. It's cold outside. Most of us are sporting our Covid blubber in addition to the holiday blubber.

Due to the holiday blubber, it's not fun to MOVE or easy to fit into our exercise clothes. It's too cold, too icy, too whatever, to take our bikes out. A flurry of football games has enticed us to be slugs gnoshing on appetizers and beer. LOL

I farked my knee up something special while moving my son into the new house. I'm in less pain, but the knee is quite stiff and something is "catching" in the joint. Ugh. Therefore, I haven't been using my stationary bike just yet.

And now, we have the dark stretch until spring. Add to it all the recent turmoil in the nation's capital and the fear of more insurrection.

My SO(BF) has been OBSESSED with a certain snarky political site. He has had either his phone or laptop in his face for nearly 3 weeks nonstop. I'm suprised he's not perusing the site while on the toilet, honestly.

It's been SO boring even watching TV with him because he's got his nose in the computer. I've started finding other things to do away from his house. I was busy for much of the day last Saturday. Each night this week, I've hung out at my house after work or met with a friend for dinner instead of going to his house (to watch him with his nose in the computer).

I find that the best way to get SO's attention is to pay attention to myself and have fun on my own LOL.

Welp, he noticed. I came home to an amazingly clean bathroom last night. And we talked this morning. He's been blue over the lack of exercise, poor diet, state of the nation, and winter in general. I told him I was concerned about his seeming obsession with that site and seeming like he's being pulled into some vortex. I said I understood how it seemed relevant or informative due to the upheaval in DC, but I hoped with the inauguration happening today, he'll be able to spend less time there since it doesn't seem to be helping his moods.

This morning we watched as the president made his departure. Despite our different political leanings, we were both relieved that this chapter has finally ended. Naturally, he's ecstatic about the new president and all that's possible. I am neither concerned nor delighted, but cautiously optimistic. Mostly, I'm confident in our system of government. I was afraid this recent election would really strain our relationship, but we made it with only a handful of hiccups.

Hang in there, people. We have GroundHog Day, Valentine's Day (collective UGH) and St. Paddy's Day to look forward to. And, in late February is Fasnacht when we can burn old man winter in effigy to usher in spring!! Spring is coming and every day gets brighter (for those in the northern hemisphere).

Don't let the doldrums get you.


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I'm weird, I love the winter. Lots of time to read, watch movies, and snuggle on the couch with DH and the dog. Winter hikes are great too. 

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My knee is farked and I'm so out of shape, I think a winter hike would have me wheezing, now. But, I'm like you, I actually DO love winter. I've just been so sidetracked that I've allowed myself to turn into a slug.

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Winter is my favorite season and I feel incredibly alive in the cold and snow. Summer? Pfffffft. I have Summer SAD and am absolutely miserable. 

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Don't get me wrong - I LOVE fall and winter. I think my knee being farked is working on my mood. I'm babying it to get the stiffness and swelling to calm down now that the pain is mostly gone.

I don't really care for the summer swelter, myself. However, this summer should be fun at SO's mountain house. It should be several degrees cooler up there (I hope).

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I LOVE snow. And I really do like the winter. If not for my fat butt and my farked knee, I'd be out there enjoying it. Biggrin

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Munchkin has been doing her "detoxing" from the other place, and we are in the silent mode at dinners. Makes me not want to come home.

Its bumming me out. In addition to the winter doldrums, I guess.

Feeling apathetic towards everything. Only thing that cheers me up is thinking of my next hiking adventure. Last weekend was fabulous, with some mountain biking at a local reservoir.

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I miss being out of doors - stupid knee.

You're an empath, like me. I don't like to spend too much time around dark "energy." It spills over onto me and I don't have a good teflon shield. ((hugs))

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Im feeling that. ((((HUGS BACK))))

I need to learn how to clear out the dark energy...its pervasive...

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What usually works for me is to go somewhere else or do something that makes me happy. SO gave me some nice earbud bluetooth headphones for Christmas. I can go to my happy place with music I like while still being in the same room with him. LOL

This past weekend, our football team had a miserable loss. The last 10 minutes, I checked out with my headphones. It really helped.

But, honestly, it's always better if I just go elsewhere.

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See if you can find a Scottish Association/Club near where you live. 25th January is Burns' Night (sure to be celebrated!) and they might just be organizing a ceilidh afterwards :)  

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Great reminder!! I think I'll plan to celebrate that night with my SO (I assume you've remembered he's Scottish even if he sounds like he's from New Jersey LOLZ).

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I'm struggling and I struggle every winter.  I have winter SAD and have to make a lot of effort not to let the lack of light compound my existing persistent depression.  Add all the uncertaintly of these times and it's been a challenge.

Exercise is my crutch, sorry to hear that your knee is hurt.  My home spin bike has been such a help and I am starting to go back to class, as they do follow the guidelines and it's very spaced out.  I know it's a bit of a risk but it helps so much.  Also getting out for walks several days a week to get all the light I can.  Hopefully you can make your way back to full motion again soon.

Winter hikes are great, so few people on the trails!

I've been reading less serious books - historical fiction and fun non-fiction like Mary Roach - until I feel like I can digest the more serious stuff without feeling too down about it. 

We've started to eat dinner earlier and I've cut way down on my wine.  That's helping me to sleep better, which makes me feel better overall.

Some days I do get tired of managing the house of cards that is my mental health though.

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((hugs)) Gimmy. I know this time of year is hard for some people (my SO, in particular).  It sounds like you have some healthy strategies to cope. I think my SO realizes he needs to snap himself out of it - he knows how to do that. He has strategies just like you do.

Last year has certainly tested the limits of the mental health of us all!! Hang in there. Good days are ahead. Smile

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Sorry to hear about your knee I hope it heals and you are able to get back to doing the biking soon.
I love winter, but that's because I live in the desert so the summers are long and hot and miserable. I won't lie we had a lovely week last week of 70 degree weather, it was beautiful, but this week we are back being cold and next week might even get snow.

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Thank you. Enjoy that desert winter - I know you've earned it.

Funny thing, my daughter lives in central texas and loves to tell me about how warm the winter is there. I remind her that it gets up well over 100 degrees (and humid) in the summers, so laugh now!!

Just a couple weeks ago, her city had about 4-6 inches of snow dumped on them while it was warmer where I am. I had to laugh. Karma baby. At least I got a cute picture of her and my grand doggy and the snowman they built.

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The period after January seems to go so slowly.  Maybe it is re-adjustment after the holiday frenzy, who knows.  I tend to like the slow pace and quiet times so I can't really complain.  

I hope your knee feels better soon futuro.

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Thank you, caninelover. It's feeling better every day. Today is MUCH improved. Just a little stiffness in the joint. I should be good as new in a few days.