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OT: Update - surprise party

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Friend's buttwipe boyfriend is less of a buttwipe today. He contacted me when he learned my friend and I were kayaking after work on Friday. He said he has asked her to go out for a drink with him, but that won't work if she's kayaking with me. He asked if I could please cancel kayaking that day so she wouldn't have time to get other people to kayak with her. That way, he can take her for a drink, and then to the surprise party.

I responded that I WOULD be willing to cancel, and shared with him what she said about not wanting ANY recognition of her birthday, deferring to him since he knows her better than I do. But also remarking how I was pleased to cancel kayaking because she would never forgive me if she walked into a party wearing her post-kayaking clothes.

He's still 75% a buttwipe in my book, but I knocked off about 15% because he took the time to make sure she would not look like a drowned rat after kayaking.

NOW, if she's mad, she'll be mad at all her friends equally - not just me.


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I will say that is good to hear that he at least thought of that, and you did tell him she wasn't really feeling it. Hopefully it will all turn out okay in the end.