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OT: Site ads (and 9/11)

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Okay. I'm getting kinda grossed out at the repeated ad (at the top of this site) that shows someone's ear and a doctor-like person trying to pull something that looks like a curled up spider out of the ear. I keep deleting it and it keeps showing up.

Barf. Barf. Barf.

Happy Hump Day.

I don't know about y'all, but I started my day bawling my eyes out going through my 9/11 memories. Ugh. Have a peaceful day. Never forget.


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September 11th, I'll never forget that day in NYC.

"Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11"


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I work at a construction company and I have a foreman's meeting every morning at 7. I get in at 6:30 to do what I need before the meeting. 

I made the mistake of clicking on Facebook this morning. They walked in and I am ugly crying at my desk. 

I will never forget that day or the feelings of fear and anger and helplessness. 

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I was fairly young.  But even I remember that day... I came home and my mom was in tears, the little TV int he corner was showing everything that was going on.  She explained some and we both kind of just sat there stunned.  My parents had just returned from a business trip there and had been in those towers just a few days before.

I remember being angry that someone could do that.  Seeing all the news following, and everything every year since.  It truly was a dark dark day.

It's not a day to forget.  I forgot to dress up like I normally do with all the stress, but I did throw on my american flag headband on my way out to show some kind of respect for the day.

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I have my phone set with alarms to go off when each of the planes crashed and the towers fell.

Painful, but I didn't know what was happening on THAT day because I was on a field trip with my older two kids and didn't have a smart phone. Other parents got bits of information, but we were in presentations and activities, then a state of emergency was declared and we had to evacuate Baltimore City. I didn't see news coverage until 1pm that day. I was effing speechless and horrified.

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Very sad ! I cannot imagine the horror of all the victims, their families, and the first responders!

I think all of us remember where we were when we heard what had happened Sad

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Had fallen asleep with the tv on. I was waking up thinking I was watching a horror movie... Strangest experience. I am from NY but I lived in Washington State at the time and when I went to town everything was so normal and peaceful. Never made it to the twin towers ...  typical New Yorker... but I remember how much they were hated at the beginning, then they became an icon you could see their tops so far out on Long Island and then they were gone. To those who suffered and died that day and who continue to this day. Never forget.

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So very sad, I cry reading about it and watching it. My son was a year old when it happened and we had cartoons on (I was living at home with my parents after going through a horrible divorce) and my mom was set to fly out to DC that morning. She came in and I was shocked to see her. I asked her if her travel was cancelled and she started crying saying the world had gone crazy and that we were under attack. We turned to the news and my dad called from work saying they were locked down on the base he worked at and that they couldn't leave until given the all clear. There were a few people my mom knew who were killed on the flights and at the pentagon.
Every year it breaks my heart.

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9/11 memories.Memories  recall the fear and the grief we shared as a nation.My own.And friends. My DH was scheduled  to fly out of PGH Int Airport to Mexico.Thankfully all air traffic was cancelled.

One GF ,a nurse anethetist ,would meet a group of her peers once a month at The Windows on the World restaurant to plan the day before they entered the city to dispense  free clinic services to the poor in NYC.

That morning she slept in and when she reached the Tappan Zee Bridge to cross the Hudson into NYC  it was blocked and filled with traffic.The radio was reporting that a plane hit one tower .Minutes later the second hit.If you recall people in the towers working  or meeting were instructed to stay in place~the buildings were safe . Well my friend listened, still trapped in traffic,on her car radio as the towers fell .

She hoped her group of dedicated friends were safe.That was not the case as she later discovered .They all died that day along with the thousands who could not evacuate in time.Life changed for thousands that day and for the millions in the nation .18 years have passed.These memories are indelible. I don't know if we are truly any safer today.I hope .

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The horrific events brough so much unity after that occured. I remember the dark smoke in the clouds, circulating the buildings, the news and radio blasting with more awful events of planes being taken over. I recall calling my sibling who worked in one of the buildings and in tears while my heart was full of dread.

NY one of the biggest cities in the world...... while momentarily brought to our knees, we stood up like the warriors that New Yorkers are and rebuild. My prayers always to those who lost their lives and were impacted by this tragedy. Many are still affected with their health to this day.

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I keep seeing an ad for 3 Steps to a Healthy Prostate. My prostate is just fine, thank you.

I was at work that day. The boss came in and said he'd heard on the radio that a plane had struck one of the towers, He turned on his radio (desk) and we all gathered around to listen. We all stood there, listening with growing horror as the terrible events were related. The boss told all of us to go home and be with our families. Feels like yesterday.

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I remember being at work and hearing it first on my radio, and telling everyone else. I distinctly remember one woman who was always so frazzled and busy ignoring it and continuing to work, and thinking that she was not fully understanding the situation.

Here is something I learned today that had me in crying like a baby: 

The current FDNY academy class, set to graduate in 2 weeks, has 14 members whose fathers were killed in the 9/11 attacks: 13 were Firefighters, 1 was an NYPD Officer. 2 more members of this same academy class had fathers who were firefighters that died from illnesses linked to the rescue and recovery work at Ground zero. This is both heartbreaking and amazing.

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listening to Howard Stern when Bababouie came running in and announced what had happened.   Suddenly Howard and staff got very serious.

At work as a contract helpdesk worker for Xerox, the giant megatron queue board with normally thousands of calls in queue went to zero calls in queue as the servers crashed with everyone flocking into the news websites.

Personally I had visited the twin towers for the last time the days before Princess Di passed.  I had taken Awesome son and DD to visit NYC.  Had DD gone on to NYU, she would have been in the throes of that great disaster the start of her Sophmore year.