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OT: Short Whinefest

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For DS24's birthday, we had tickets to see the Washington Capitals Ice Hockey team. Canceled.

Hotel reservations in DC were luckily fully refunded. Canceled.

DS24's Christmas present was a trip to Greenville, SC. I had to rebook for June. Southwest canceled the flight.

I was able to rebook our Airbnb to June, but had to cancel that when our flight was canceled.

Was supposed to visit DD26 in Austin. Southwest changed my flights from nonstop in and out to flights with 1 connection inbound and 2 connections outbound. My daughter told me not to come - to be safe. Canceled.

I had a bike event this coming Saturday. It's now an unsupported social distancing ride. I get it. I'm out cuz it's over an hour away and in Pennsylvania. Not supposed to cross state lines.

I was supposed to take a kayaking course between May and August. Looks like it's canceled.

I have cycling events once or twice a month through October. Not sure what's going to run.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting on my butt and eating too much.

My one hyper friend has sent me an exercise routine that we're going to start on Sunday. Boy, do I need it.

The good news is that I might be able to get my kayak out on the water once the water temps are warmer = sanity.

I can ride my bikes and there are plenty of places to walk around my house and a short drive away.

DS24 and I are going for a drive in the mountains this weekend just for a change of scenery.

My DS29 is talking about flying home for a long visit once this virus has abated. He works at a hardware store in Denver and is being worked pretty hard.

DD26 is working from home and stir crazy.

So, I'm bummed (just like everyone else is) and I miss my older kids. The MOM in me wants them under my roof so I know they are okay and taken care of. But in the grand scheme of things, I'm incredibly fortunate to have employment, to be able to work from home, and to have everything I need.

((hugs)) everyone. I think a lot of people are at a critical breaking point.

Whining concluded.


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This was supposed to be our big travel year. I should be starting to pack right now. We were supposed to leave next week to visit friends in Florida and then bus trip up the coast to Savannah and Charleston. Cancelled. We had trip insurance, but it doesn't cover this. But, the tour company gave us full credit (for everything including insurance) and till the end of 2022 to rebook.

End of June weekend bus trip to see a play. Cancelled. Not just cancelled, but gone forever. The tour company went out of business. Trip was fully paid for. This week received a notice from the court receiver that we are one of the over 900 creditors in line.

Trip planned in early September to midwest. Have only paid deposits so can cancel and won't lose too much. Don't have to decide until 30 days before, so waiting. Waiting to see if this company will bank our deposits as it gets closer. We most likely won't go (afraid of fall resurgance).

I miss my time alone. DH was in a couple of card leagues and I would have alone time. Now it's 24/7. But, we are still speaking and neither of us is out in the back digging a rectangular hole.

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I hear you. I have a trip to Amsterdam and Scotland in mid October. I'm not giving up on that trip just yet. It's pretty much what I'm clinging to right now and my DD26 may join me on it now that I'm single. Wink

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Awe I'm sorry to hear about all that, I understand how much it sucks.  DH and I had an anniversary trip planned to Disneyland and we were going to stay at the Hotel Grand California...that's been cancelled.

BD was supposed to graduate 8th grade but with school out there won't be any commencement ceremony.  We got her tickets to go see Hamilton in LA and were then going to take her to Universal Studios for the first time...cancelled.  

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Thank you. I think it's good to gripe............and then quickly count our blessings. I hope everyone does that. Stomp your feet, get it out of your system and then express gratitude for not really have worse problems.

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I get it.  What was normal life fell apart so quickly.

My fiancé and I were supposed to get married after 10 years of being together this May.  I'm lucky we are still getting along in our stay at home life.  But I'm so disappointed to not be able to host our family and friends for the wedding.  I miss so many of them as they are in different parts of the country.  I'm not sure when I'll get to see my almost 80 year old parents again.

But I also completely understand why we have to do this.  If it saves a life, then it is worth it.

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I completely understand what you're saying about hoping to see your 80 year old parents again. I know they are in the most vulnerable demographic. My kid are in their 20s, but they live across the country and the thought that either one of them could get sick and, God forbid, pass away while I'm so far from them just breaks my heart. But the truth is that if they were here with me and got sick, I also couldn't be with them in the hospital. We'd be completely cut off. And my DS29 is exposed 40 hours a week to the public at his job, so it's a real possibility he'll be exposed.

I try not to think about it. I try to count my blessings and remember that my inconveniences pale in comparison to those who aren't working, have no income, and are wondering how to feed their family or care for someone who has the virus. I saw one post locally where a daughter put a call out for anyone with type A blood who had the virus at least 28 days ago because her father needs plasma for the antibodies. I wasn't aware that was a thing, but I'm hearing more and more about that.

My situation is just uncomfortable and I don't have (or want) and real problems, so I figure we can just whine and then get over it. LOL

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Yeah everything is cancelled for everyone. We are all in the same boat. My DD and future son in law might have to reschedule the wedding planned for the fall. Everything is just too up in the air with ability to properly plan. We try not to sweat small stuff. As long as we are all healthy, cancelled events are not the end of the world. My husband has to reschedule shoulder replacement surgery and is in a lot of pain and has to continue working being hospital RN. I am sitting glued to computer screen for work. I had a ton planned including THREE short trips and bunch of plays/concerts as I am a planner in the family. Oh well luckily getting my money back. 

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I know my "problems" pale in comparison, but I think we can all agree it's not a competition and we ALL know that it could be much much worse.

That's why I posted. I was whining but I KNOW I have a lot to be grateful for. I hope everyone feels comfortable airing their "whines" here and talking about their actual problems. I don't have any actual problems at the moment. I'm just fighting a black mood and trying to count my blessings.

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I don't have truly big problems either, just saying we are all in the same boat and we will survive this. 

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I'm gonna add my whining to it.

My bday is coming up and I'm taking the day off. I understand there's nothing to do but that was my thought: I would have a day without work or sanitizing or hanging with DH----you know, some ALONE time---sort of, since he's gonna be in a room working. I haven't binge-watched anything nor sat by myself when I'm not working. I said something about taking the day off. Then two days later he says something about taking the day too and we can do things together. I must be pretty desparate not to be joined at the hip because I blurted out NO! He looked at me all surprised. I told him he was going to work and I was going to do whatever the hell I wanted by myself. That's the only thing I really need and I don't need stuff or to burden the delivery systems right now to shop for myself.

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Good for you! Stick to it. I wouldn't be surprised if your husband still took the day off. Make a plan B that involves sitting in a parking lot, streaming netflix, if need be. Even if you have to get up on your birthday and leave the house until he goes to work, I would do that if you REALLY want the day alone.

I know when this is all over, I'm going to be thrilled to get a full body massage, pedicure and get my hair cut. Biggrin Happy impending birthday! I hope you get the peace and quiet you want!!

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One of my activities for the day is "paint toenails and just sit there waiting for them to dry"

It would be ironic that the only way to get time alone is to leave and go hang out at my office.

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My step sil's mom is fb friend with dh. He posted a positive item in his fb page about trying to keep covid in perspective and you have to take the good with the bad. It's all about your attitude. She criticized him and said he was out of touch with the seriousness of the dire circumstances people are suffering from at this time. He defended himself and she posted more stuff about how we are sheltered from other people's troubles, blah, blah, blah. Don't we have compassion and empathy for others. We had no idea that she was so mean and even questioned our religous beliefs. She even insinuated that sd and her family of 5 needed more help from us. We have come to their aid many times over the years. Sd wirks fulltime and is main bread winner, sil works for his mom parttime. She doesn't want to employ him fulltime cuz she'd have to pay more bennies. We're Jewish. I'm astounded that she thinks we're doing nothing to help other people. And, it's none of her business anyway. In Judiasm, we're taught that it is better to give anonymously and not seek recognition for good acts/mitzvots. At least they live 11 hours away and dh hates to travel. I wouldn't go visit sd and sil on my own.

Ok , I shouldn't post any of this, bad karma. Sorry so long. Btw, sd is the sweetest person and I do have a good relationship with her and family. Thankful for that.

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I think that most people understand how much others are hurting and the dangers. And I think we can KNOW those things and follow the guidelines for social distancing and isolation because we DO get it. I believe you DO get it. But I would not do well in this kind of circumstance without a little whining and a lot of humor.

We know this is serious (well most of us), but if all I did was ruminate on the bad stuff, I'd probably be drunk and depressed all the time. I don't have control over much right now, so I do what I can and try to look at the bright side.

I can't believe how nasty your SD's MIL is. Probably time to block her. She might be a bigot who thinks you should be doing more so she doesn't have to do anything or admit her own son is a slug who doesn't provide for his family.

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Ill join whine concert:

1. All our favorite concerts and music festivals are canceled.

2. Got money now - cant go shopping or any weekends away.

3. Cant see my parents.

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So sorry to hear about your troubles. You have a lot on your plate. Take care during this difficult time.