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OT: Just a quickie!!

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I've managed to get myself out of my funk. It keeps coming back tryna grab me, but I'm not having it.

I was looking back over my old blogs and remembered how back in January my knee was farked up.

Thankfully, it's much improved and I've been back out on my bike, and back on my clean eating program. Kayaking will commence soon and I have a multi-day bikepacking tripped planned with my SO next month. The summer will be peppered with biking events (crossing fingers they will run), possibly some camping and travel.

I leave on Friday for a long weekend visiting my DD27 in TX.

Somewhere in the next few weeks I need to study for and complete an exam certification for work. Egads!

Happy Hump Day people!!

Please tell me what you're doing for fitness and any outdoorsy plans you have for the summer.


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We would like to get out for some hiking and camping this summer but have some overdue family visits to fit in as well.  A visit to SO's elderly mother and  my nephew's wedding will all require travel and reconnecting with our families.  In September we have a small ship Alaska cruise to look forward to!

I've always wanted to try bikepacking.  Sounds like fun!

For exercise we've been on our Peloton or indoor rower with some strength training mixed in.

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My Echelon (Peloton knockoff) has been behind a pile of stuff due to renovations in my basement. It's now accessible and due to the rain this afternoon, I plan to get at least 30 minutes in with that.

Alaska cruise!!! Wow.

I need to add some strength training. Do you just lift free weights?

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Just some squats, lunges w/ free weights, then some planks and core stuff.  I find if I keep it simple I'm more likely to stick with it!

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Thats my way of keeping off the extra pounds. Although that doesnt always work. My pention for peanut anything gets in the way.

Enjoy your DD in TX.

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You can have all the peanuts. LOL

I have a penchant for beer and wine, but must avoid!

I like to hike. My knees notsomuch, but I'd still go.

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Laid smack down by my hip tendon injury.

I now have zero fitness goals for weeks other than to be able to walk a week from now without assistance.*


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OMG - how long will it take for that to heal???

Did you post about how it happened?

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I just added it to the Petty annoyances thread on Monday

I didi it likely over-exercising, my doc suspects I did something just slightly wrong, tweaked it but because I'm strong and flexible I didn't feel it at the time until the next day and then tried to 'work it out' and by Thursday I could hardly walk. Excruciating pain until TODAY.  Pain pills and anti inflammatories required by doc until I think Sunday if I count them out.

Then if I'm definitely better after a week, I will go to PT.  So down for two weeks total, with a very, very slow integration of mild exercise for another several weeks. I forsee a lot of walking in my near future and jogging may be out forevermore.

I think I might be able to shower today for the first time in a week.  I'm going to think more about doing this today after my next dose this afternoon.

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I'm so sorry to hear this. Makes me think of my back issues in 2018. Not being able to walk is the suck. I hope you get relief asap.

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My spin coach started doing a 60 minute class on Sundays - usually pyramid drills and we do a 90 minute tabata class once a quarter.  Regular class on Tuesday/Thursday.  She's terrific and makes it fun. 

I can't wait to bike outside.  My city has a great trail network.  And of course, hiking.  Planning to visit DD and hike in the Catskills or Gunks while we are there.  She and DH will probably do a speed hike that I will sit out because I am not built for speed, lol.

All I really want out of life is a day of exercise, a beer, and a burrito. 

Thinking about getting kayaks this year, have to figure out what kind we want still.  Any advice?


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Your program sounds really good for cardio and core strength! Is Tabata like a martial art?

Regarding kayaks, if you plan to stick to lakes and "flat water", recreation kayaks will be fine. Look for reviews that say is a boat is stable (not tippy) and tracks well (it turns when you tell it to).

If you want to be able to do paddles on more exciting water, you'd need a white water kayak (short and stubby) or a sea kayak (long and narrow with 2 bulkheads for buoyancy).

Even in all those groups, there are sub categories.

My favorite rec boat was a Perception Prodigy 12 foot boat. It was very stable and easy to paddle. It's not a Costco kayak, but I don't think you'll be disappointed. Not sure if kayaks are as hard to find this year as last year. Good luck!!

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I need to get better about core work and getting back into weight training.  I was consistent before COVID and bad about doing it at home.  Tabata is a form of HIIT that has recovery periods are that half of the hard effort periods, done in groups.  So 20 seconds of sprinting, 10 seconds of recovery, repeat for a number of sets - usually 6/7 with a minute or so of recovery in between.  It can also be done for other types of exercise but I do it with spin.   It's such a great brain hit, which is really what it's about for me. 

I've never done a martial art but they seem awesome. 

Thanks for the advice!  Great starting point for me as I am just starting to look.

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Excellent. If all you can get is a Costco-type boat, go for it.

A new Perception Joyride (not sure they make the Prodigy any longer) is about $800. If you can find a rec boat used, that would be lucky.

Just remember that the wider and less point the hull is, the more stable it should be and the longer and sharper the hull, the better it will slice through the water and, hopefully track.

I wouldn't go for less than a 10 foot boat, but a 12 footer is better. Then look for something not too narrow and not with a completely flat hull - nicely rounded would be good.

If there are kayak rental places nearby, try them out. They will usually have boats for beginners. Flat hulls, kinda heavy, not too long. Those boats are durable and fairly universal, but can tire you out if they are hard to steer and cumbersome in the water.

I have a fiberglass sea kayak that has a sharper hull - pretty tippy, but it slices through the water and turns on a dime. Very lightweight. Brand new it would cost between 3 and 4K. Not something you'd start with.

Happy shopping!

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Our count down to traveling for an extended time is getting closer. We have a Rig and  WE can not wait. We are more into site seeing than physical stuff.

You sound like my sister Smile ---before covid they hiked and I MEAN walked and walked thru the Mountains of Wales for several weeks. They hired some swanky upscale company and had a private tour guide for just them. Prior to that trip they vacationed and walked through Greece...Next will be Switzerland she hopes. . She would hike all the way around the world if she could Wink

Its so funny we are close in age but the opposite of each other. She and her super good guy- husband cant get enough of hikes while I would rather ride. 

As for Kayak's---give me a canoe and a pretty parasol, bottle of wine, assorted cheese's while my dh rows me thru the swans. Picture the scene from  The Note Book. LOL

Glad you are  ready to get back to the things you enjoy.  I am awe about your soon to be adventures. Take care of those knees. DH had 3 surgeries on both of his....gotta love the Military.

Have lots of fun Smile

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I'm guessing your RIG is an RV?? Sweet!

I don't have the knees for a lot of steep hiking, but I do like hiking. I guess I'm more into cycling.

I wouldn't say no to having wine and cheetos in a canoe someone else was paddling!! LOL