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OT: Hot as a mutha!!!

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Okay, I'm sick of the heat. What I wouldn't give for a crisp autumn day, warm socks, a hot mug of tea and a slice of pumpkin pie, right now.

But nooooooooo - the whole country, it seems, is roasting. Please enjoy the following rant that closely reflects how I'm feeling right now:

Quote: "When I prayed during the winter months, I asked the Lord to make it warm. I did not say, "Lord, please, bring the devil from hell and sit his ass crack on the earth."



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Everyone BUT those of us in the NW, where it's in the upper 60s and raining.

Not that I'm complaining.  I think it's going to get to 70 today.

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Not too bad here, around 83. 93 tomorrow and Saturday though, which is too hot for me. Thank god for central air.

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It IS Summer...  Anyone who complains about the hot weather doesn't remember the cold, dreary, rainy Spring we endured in the NorthEast.   Frankly, I don't know how the people of the Pacific NorthWest do it!!!

Sing with me now:

Rooooolllll...Ouuuuuuuttttt....Thoooooooosse...Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Sum-mer!!


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You will never find me complaining about cold and dreary weather. My two favorite seasons are Fall and Winter. Biggrin

I don't mind the heat. It's the suffocating temps and unhealthy air quality that need to go away.

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I do enjoy a nice dry Autumn and a nice semi dry Spring which we didn't get this year.

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It's just crazy, dangerous hot here.  I have been going to the barn in the AM to ride before work.. Just too hard on me and the horse at 95 Plus degrees.

I mean, it's literally cooler in Florida and the Bahamas than it is where I live.  Calgon take me away!

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It's pretty bad when it's in the 90s first thing in the morning!

I have a kid in Colorado (mile high city) and one in central Texas. Our temps today are within 5 degrees of each other. Insanity.

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Just checked the AccuWeather site and we're in the "SWELTERING" zone tomorrow...real feel temps of 105-110. Yikes.  This is SOs busy time of the year, so he works loooooong hours in this heat. I work from home, so I'm stuck inside with stir-crazy SKIDS visiting for the summer.  This is one time where I am almost thankful SO spoils them with unlimited use of personal electronic devices.  Headphones, salsa music, a/c, and my puppy are keeping me sane. :)  Stay hydrated y'all!

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cleaning the filter and the condenser!!!  BWA HA HA!  Well I like this heat because $$$$ No A/C repair calls!!!


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i had to buy a whole new unit. $5300 !!! 

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We've been making due with a broken thermostat this month. Our home has one upstairs and one down, so I've been moving the "good" thermostat  to whichever part of the house DH is in (he's recooperating from surgery).

I'm lucky to have a pool, and am in it at least twice a day. This is mai tai weather, but I definitely prefer a smooth brandy on a crisp Autumn day. Funny how step life has caused me to see life in terms of suitable alcoholic drinks, eh?

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Omg!! A broken thermostat!!??

Suitable drinks include any containing alcohol!!

There will be wine and beer this weekend. Stay cool in the pool!

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Heat warning here thru Saturday. Heat index around 110 today. Sucks big time. Bring on fall!

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Nvm fuck it.

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I live in the south and it has been especially brutal this summer.

The heat, humidity, vicious mosquitoes. The triple goddess of hell. I’m so thankful for air conditioning. 

I miss California weather. PNW weather too. 

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swamp, errrr, I mean "wetland" and am constantly doing mosquito control.  It is an uphill battle especially after the rainy Spring we had!!