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OT: Flawless Move

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Yesterday was, dare I say it, FLAWLESS.

I rented a Budget moving truck on Tuesday. I used HireAHelper to hire two movers to load up the truck. They did a great job as all the stuff had been staged in my living room for that purpose. They also rearranged the furniture staying at my house to clear a space in the basement for a bedroom.

Yesterday morning, my son and I drove out to the new house and parked the moving truck. We went to settlement and he got a nice lesson in buying houses as well as writer's cramp from signing his name. We went back to the house, stopping in town to get some supplies (beer and toilet paper to name a few), then I let him use his key to open the door and go in the house first. The kid (30) was visibly delighted. Nothing can beat that pride of owning a home.

The next set of movers from HireAHelper arrived close to 1pm and had everything unloaded in 90 minutes. They did a great job and all the  furniture from my current home, that we took out there, looks like it has belonged in the new house all along. All of it had come from the house I raised my kids in which was a larger home than my current townhouse.

I reiterated to my son that the furniture was ON LOAN and put there to make it appealing when I decide to airbnb the master bedroom (gorgeous room with a full bath and 2 person shower). I need to make some repairs in that room before I can make it an airbnb. It also needs curtains and various accoutrements necessary for a rental. I also need roommate for my son in the 2nd bedroom so I can be sure I have two tenants who are conducive to good airbnb reviews.

I took my DD27 on a Facetime tour of the house and she was so jealous of her big brother, but in a cute way. LOL It was adorable.

I left DS30 alone in our house but HIS home around 3:30pm. I figured he'd enjoy it more without MOM breathing down his neck. All reports are that he's in heaven out there, already. And he had to work today at 2pm, so I'm sure he was thrilled with his 20 minute commute - even moreso tonight at 10pm when he gets off work, he won't have that hour long drive back to my house.

What a day. My XH1 and I were texting; he's pretty excited for our son, too.

BF was also excited and had a lot of nice things to say to me about how efficiently I handled the whole thing (he moves as fast as molasses in the Arctic circle LOL). He made me dinner last night and we ate it watching the nonsense in DC (smdh). Very sweet.

Thank you to all who have offered so much encouragement. I'm not feeling as "homeless" today. Now that the pile of crap has been moved out of my current house and I've ordered a bed for my basement bedroom, I am feeling more "at home" in my house. I'm also not feeling much anxiety about the future with the BF. I know I'll have a place to lay my head, if things with the BF stall or don't work out, and I'm taking steps to make it very homey.


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Thank you, wicked. It was a good day and I think it will be a very positive experience for my DS30. He's been a little lonely and aimless - finding his way. He's always been a hard worker and a responsible person, but not quite sure what he wanted to do with his life. 2 years ago, he packed his car and drove off to Denver to work in a hardware store while attending college for craft brewing (beer). He completed the program and found a job in a brewery not far from me. If you knew him you'd know he was a homebody and lived in our state and no more than 30 minutes from where he was raised until 2 years ago. He likes to play it safe, so I was very impressed that he'd go off on his own like that to pursue a dream.

I feel very much at ease buying a house with him when I'm the one investing the most upfront. If I kicked off tomorrow, I'd be at peace knowing he would directly inherit the house and its contents though I imagine his sister would want some of the contents. He's a nice brother and would probably give her whatever she asked for. LOL

Thanks for your comment. Smile

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I remember buying my first place, a little condo, many years ago.  It is a major milestone to transition from renter to owner.  Your son sounds completely ready for it.

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Thank you. I agree.

This makes the 5th house I've had a part in buying. The first was where my XH1 and I went to raise our family. I lived there 24 years. The next house was a vacation cabin with my XH1. Bought that 2 years before our divorce. He got it in the divorce. The next house was with XH2. Never felt at home there. That lasted 4.5 years. The 4th house was my current home and ESCAPE from XH2. It's not much but it has been HEAVEN these last 2.5 years. It's weird to have just bought a house I won't get to live in except possibly in a few years - who knows.

But yes, I know that feeling and I have a mind that my DS30 had that same feeling yesterday. I don't think I've ever seen that kid so happy before.

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Your post reads "peaceful." What a wonderful day with you and your RESPONSIBLE son. I'm glad you are doing this....hate to say it but most of us in the crazy step world should always have a Plan B...just in case. Enjoy! You deserve happiness!

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Yes, we all DO need a plan B and we ladies need to ensure we don't give everything up for a guy only to get left homeless and heartbroken. I'm done with that noise lol.

BF takes so long to make up his mind, but I'm not going to slow down to his pace. I'll keep moving forward and if isn't ready, I'll make my way in life. I won't miss out on much.

He's a good egg. A bit quirky and moody, but overall a good man.

Thanks - we do deserve happines - you and me both.

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So proud of & excited for your DS & you - this is a special event you'll always enjoy remembering. Start of another new chapter!