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I’m afraid I’ll jinx it but all has been very calm. StbX and I sat down this morning to make a To-Do list for selling our house. This morning I got a flat of gerber daisies for the planter box on the front of the house and I’ve just started repainting the front door to a marine blue at the realtor’s suggestion (buyers are wild about marine blue now). Eyeroll

stbX hasn’t found a house yet but he’s been to see a couple. 

Yes, I’m still in the guest bedroom. No further smooth moves. No serious discussions. I’m all set to settle on Monday, just show up with my checkbook.

Went by the new place yesterday to see if the shed had any junk in it. Nope. The seller left behind a few useful tools. 

I don’t love our house but memories have been flooding back from all the hopes and dreams I had to make a home with him here and it’s ending. At the same time, it feels like getting rid of this house is like a noose being cut off my neck, and I wonder if our relationship wouldn’t have ended a LOT sooner had we not owned this house together.

He will be free. I will be free. 




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You're doing great girl! No jinxing-if it's right, it's right. Good luck with the move tomorrow- I know how  you feel about that noose. I thought that house was my home, we worked so hard to make it one, but now I realise that it was the only thing that was keeping us together too. We had lots of viewings over the weekend- so someone must offer something for it,surely?

Also I have a new place for six months, not yet moved in, until I really decide what to do with my life.

We also will be free- I am looking forward to a future without feeling inadequate because I couldn't get on with his kids, and I suspect he is looking forward to a future where he can sit around watching crap on tv, eating and drinking himself to death.

Enjoy your freedom- we have so much to look forward to and have learned so many lessons along the way our lives can only get better from now on!!