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OT: The winter doldrums

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This time of year seems the perfect breeding ground for the winter doldrums.

The holidays are over, so there aren't as many cheery lights up and the days are still short. It's cold outside. Most of us are sporting our Covid blubber in addition to the holiday blubber.

Due to the holiday blubber, it's not fun to MOVE or easy to fit into our exercise clothes. It's too cold, too icy, too whatever, to take our bikes out. A flurry of football games has enticed us to be slugs gnoshing on appetizers and beer. LOL

OT: Is your spouse your best friend? Should they be?

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I was curious about other's thoughts on this topic.

For me, I guess it depends on how you define best friend.

Does best mean MOST reliable. Are they there for you through all of life's ups and downs?

Does it mean you can tell them anything?

I guess, if I had a spouse, I would expect them to stand by me no matter how much I could contribute financially, no matter the number on the scale or wrinkles on my face. I'd expect them to stick with me to the end and look out for me.

OT: Flawless Move

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Yesterday was, dare I say it, FLAWLESS.

I rented a Budget moving truck on Tuesday. I used HireAHelper to hire two movers to load up the truck. They did a great job as all the stuff had been staged in my living room for that purpose. They also rearranged the furniture staying at my house to clear a space in the basement for a bedroom.

OT: Feeling "homeless"

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I'm probably hormonal, but I'm certainly having mixed feelings.

I'm excited that the day after tomorrow my DS30 and I are buying a gorgeous historic house nearer to his new job. I'm happy that we're on a joint venture for him to have a lovely home in a great area for a young man like himself that is ALSO a good investment for me.

Christmas 2020 - the verdict is in

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We have a winner.

Was it exactly what I hoped for? Not really, because BF didn't join me at breakfast with my sons on Christmas morning. However, it's fine because of the gains we did make.

BF and I had Christmas Eve completely together...and alone. He made us dinner and I had him open two of his Christmas gifts. In my family, we were ALWAYS allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It was usually the gift my mom wanted us to open because it contained either something to wear to midnight mass or Christmas PJs for the morning.

Christmas 2019 vs. 2020

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Folks, it's like night and day.

This year is a complete turnaround from last year. HE decorated his house and is in pretty good spirits. NO STOCKINGS (last year he put up 3 stockings: himself, the late wife and their daughter).

WE have low key plans for Christmas Eve. WE will have breakfast with my sons on Christmas Day, spend time with his daughter, then visit his mom later in the day.

His daughter is leaving for a trip with her boyfriend on the 25th or 26th. We'll be watching her cat while she's away.

Christmas and Real Estate

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Some positive developments on the holiday front. I'm still staying with my BF and my DS30 is still living in my bedroom at my house.

My Christmas tree is up. Christmas cards sent on December 1st. My kids have already received most of their big gifts, but there are a few gifts under the tree. I'm debating on when/whether to make cookies since we're all ALREADY a bit chunky with the Covid 20.

Buying houses in StepLife

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For those of you following my story, don't freak out. I'm not buying a house with anyone.  But this is a a common theme when you're in your second (or third) relationship and I want to know how you'd feel, what you'd think........and how people have handled it in real life.

It's happened time and again where two people own their own houses and they get together. Each person's house is THEIR house and on their name is on the deed.

But they enter into a long term relationships and one person moves into the other person's house.

OT: Go ahead. Let me have it. I know. I know.

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A great thing can never last too long, can it?

BF and I are at odds over Thanksgiving. Our plans, as discussed in September, were originally to visit his FIL in WV for Thanksgiving Dinner. Our plans fell through when his FIL decided to stay in Georgia because virus numbers were spiking in WV and points in between. My sons (DS30 and DS24) were supposed to have dinner with XH1 and his girlfriend at her house. BF and I were going to have a lazy day, cook something and watch football - maybe ride bikes.

OT: Best Birthday.............Ever

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BF hit a homerun this weekend. Last year, when I asked to go to a certain restaurant, BF balked saying it was a long drive (90mins) and a Saturday night. I asked on the Monday prior and it was a few days away. When he balked, I went to the restaurant on a Wednesday night with a friend, after work. Then, I booked a day trip to NYC for that Saturday. I was miffed. If he balked at my idea and didn't have a better one, I would do what I wanted and was sure I'd show myself a great time.

This year, I took a chance and put my birthday in his hands. He more than made up for last year.