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Update on boob smash and kitten

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The results of the follow up boob smash and ultrasound are that I have a 5mm cyst. Had one before in the other boob. Nothing to be concerned about.

Kitty doesn't have an abcess, but must be having an allergic reaction to something. I had flowers in the house recently that containted lilies. Lilies, I now know. are toxic to pets. No more lilies OR hydrangeas (same deal). Kitty was sent home with an ointment to be applied 3x a day.

And it's still humid here in Maryland, with a nice tropical storm trying to dampen our weekend.

Dog Days of Summer

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This morning, as my cycling girls and I did our almost morning routine of riding around the local airport, I wondered why in the hell I live in Maryland. LOL I've been in this area nearly my whole life. So, why does it surprise me on muggy days that all I have to do is stand still to be drenched in sweat. We meet nearly every weekday morning to ride around 6:30am and it was SOUPY this morning. I was drenched by the time we were done, 47 minutes later. Ugh and gross.

The upsides of the pandemic

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I can't say if this is directly related to the pandemic, but interest rates took a pretty deep dive. I capitalized on that and yesterday I refinanced the house I bought two years ago (when I left my narc XH2). The new rate was SO good, I was able to cut my loan term in half (30 down to 15) and my payment only went up $150 a month. No brainer.

Do I smell sulfur? Narcs never stay gone

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On Friday, I found an email from XH2 - the narc - in my gmail trash bin. He found my birth certificate in his files. A while back, I had been looking for that document and figured I had lost it. I don't think it even occurred to me that XH2 might still have it.

I have been really proud of maintaining NO CONTACT with him since 12/28/2018, a month after our divorce.

About a year ago, I found a bin of my things had been dropped at my back gate without so much as a word from him. I got the bin and never said a word to him about it.

OT: Update to the conclusion

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Letter was received a week ago by xBF. He took 24 hours to respond and it was incredibly gracious and loving, accepting my breakup. He put my things together and said he'd do whatever to facilitate me getting them. Told me he loved me and couldn't help it.

I responded asking to pick them up on Thursday while he was taking his mom to a doctor appointment.

OT: Short Whinefest

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For DS24's birthday, we had tickets to see the Washington Capitals Ice Hockey team. Canceled.

Hotel reservations in DC were luckily fully refunded. Canceled.

DS24's Christmas present was a trip to Greenville, SC. I had to rebook for June. Southwest canceled the flight.

I was able to rebook our Airbnb to June, but had to cancel that when our flight was canceled.

OT: The conclusion

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I've been kinda quiet on the topic of the BF because I have been in observation mode since January - the last time I broke up with him over his behavior surrounding commemorating his wedding anniversary with the late wife (LW). He was, allegedly, madly in love with me and wanted to start a life with me. Yet he was still derailed everytime an important date (birthday, date of death, holidays and anniversary) passed.

I broke up with him after her birthday in October due to shitty behavior on his part.

Almost Spring - update

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Life is good, once again. I'm back to the girl I was this time last year, but better. The light is back in my eyes. Anxieties are a thing of the past and I'm taking really good care of myself.

I've been seeing a therapist for about a month or more and he's helped me to clarifiy my priorities and goals, and reinforce my boundaries while also setting new ones.

OT: 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge - who's in?

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I have a friend trying to look at and use her phone less and less. I am deciding I need to do this, too. I have already given up 99.9% of texting and moved to email and the telephone. I hope to move fully to the telephone in my personal relationships, but even then, I want to start incorporating chunks of the day where I'm not digitally connected (like I am right now).