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OT: Week 4 begins - the home stretch

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I will admit that when I'm doing something that's a challenge and I'm nearing the finish, I'm not always strong with the mental game. If it's a tough bike ride, let's say, the last 5-10 miles feel like an eternity. I start to anticipate the relief and rest I'm about to experience. This approach generally applies to challenges of any type in my life, but I'm going to make a concerted effort not to let the anticipation of seeing my SO next week feed into my anxiety.

OT: Start of Week Three

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It's been 2 weeks since I last saw SO. I miss him, but the anxiety is non-existent.

He's been in touch with me daily (although I do NOT expect that) and, true to his word, as often as he CAN. He's at his cycling event and it was a tough day yesterday with the heat, distance and altitude. He had texted in the AM and midway through his ride. Not sure how he accomplished the mid-ride comms since his cell phone plan is terrible and he was in the mountains, but I'll take it. At an average 10mph, the ride would have taken him about 7+ hours.

OT: Week Two Begins

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These blogs are purely selfish and I'm using them to try to grow as a supportive partner and to process my complex emotions that stem from my fear of abandoment and anxious attachment style while my SO is away for a month. Thankfully, I also have weekly appointments with my therapist and we met today. It is helping. woosah

OT: Update and new challenge

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I recently returned to my house/town after a long stay with my SO. We had a lovely 2+ weeks together, went on a 6 day bikepacking trip that put over 200 miles on my bike. Our typical mileage was 30-50 miles per day with a couple short days to rest. We saw plenty of wild life (rattlesnake crossing the trail) and so many wild flowers. We camped 2 nights and stayed in B&Bs or Airbnb's the other 4 nights. It was very civilized and the weather was dry and warm - we had a drop of two of rain, but nothing to interfere with our trip.

OT: Just a quickie!!

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I've managed to get myself out of my funk. It keeps coming back tryna grab me, but I'm not having it.

I was looking back over my old blogs and remembered how back in January my knee was farked up.

Thankfully, it's much improved and I've been back out on my bike, and back on my clean eating program. Kayaking will commence soon and I have a multi-day bikepacking tripped planned with my SO next month. The summer will be peppered with biking events (crossing fingers they will run), possibly some camping and travel.

OT: Long distance relationship - big adjustment

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The first nearly two years of my relationship with my SO consisted of the two of us together 90% of the time. Not saying we were together 90% of the time for two years, but when together, it was 1:1 90% of the time. We were 8 minutes apart and got into a groove of seeing each other 1-2 nights a week and nearly every weekend from Friday to Sunday. We had tons of plans, mostly with my friends or alone, riding bikes, kayaking, and traveling.

OT: Long distance relationships - what's essential?

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Anyone on here ever successfully navigated a long distance relationship?

I'm thinking good communication is vital, no?

What if the two people have different needs for communication?

What if the one person who wants more regular ("normal") communication just gets tired of initiating and simply models the other person's communication style?

What if one person is a straight shooter and grows weary of deciphering the other person's circuitous communication?

Piggyback: Do you keep a bedroom for your adult child living elsewhere?

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Piggybacking from another thread ( ) so I don't hog the other poster's blog. The OP posted about her SD26 who gets very upset whenever things are changed in her childhood home. That poster's SD26 has her own apartment but wants her room and her things left untouched at her father and stepmom's home.

OT: Like nails on a chalkboard, here are some pet peeves

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The chief irritants for me are saying "I could care less." Really. You have the capacity to care less then you already do? I think you mean you COULDN'T care less. That means you already care SO little, there isn't any room for caring less than you already do.

Mute point (moot) and Expresso (eSpresso).

I'll post these in chunks of TEN.