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OT: Traveling stress

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Most of y'all know I travel - a good bit. I've been traveling internationally since 2006 and often by myself.
In less than a year, BF and I are traveling for two weeks to Europe and spending a week in Scotland. I've been pricing airfare (yes, I know it's hella early, but this is how I roll) and trying to find a decent fare that's as direct as possible to our destination (non stop is preferred), where I can choose my seat, get a meal, check a bag, etc.

Positive direction with BF's daughter

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It was a realllllllly good weekend. BF and I celebrated 6 months last week, and things are better than ever.

The bathroom reno is essentially done except for a handful of finishing touches. He did a really nice job. Very impressed. Consequently, he has more time to spend with me. He got a cord of wood delivered last week so we've been enjoying the wood stove in the house (love the smell!!).

How the daughter reacted...

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Ever since our 1 day breakup, BF and I have turned a corner. It's like getting through that situation was a milestone because it's been so peaceful. For me, it was the first time I've ever had an argument with a partner where I could tell it like it was and yet, walk away feeling like something was resolved.

To recap, BF and I see a future together, but I was clear from jump and have maintained that I wouldn't marry for a few years - at least 5. He is on board with that and we've discussed what would need to happen before we ever got there (prenup, etc.).

OT: Joker - please pass the lithium

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OMFG - I took DS23 to the movies last night to see Joker. He'd been sick with a cold he caught from me and had been housebound for several days. I thought, "What better way to get him out of the house than a movie."

Don't get me wrong - this movie was WELL MADE, but it is NOT like your typical superhero/supervillain flick.


Phoenix should win many awards for going where he did and not losing his mind like Ledger did.

Dinner with family - meeting the FIL

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Soooo, this is step-related - I didn't make it OT.

Last night was the dinner with BF, his mom, his daughter and his late wife's stepfather.

FIL was staying with BF and BF picked up his mom and daughter. They got together around 5pm to discuss details of the MIL's will and property distribution (she died a few weeks ago).

OT: Zero tolerance policy is good

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For those who didn't catch the tail end of my last blog, BF was in a mood on an important night for me and pulled some passive aggressive sh*t. When I told him how it felt, he mansplained how my perception was askew and he dismissed my feelings, labeling me feeling hurt as me feeling anger.

No bueno. I broke up with him yesterday. My initial feeling was relief to be single again. Then I felt sad. I cried a little last night, but KNOW I made the right call. Single feels marvelous and I won't jeopardize this so casually again.

OT: Anyone out there married to or dating a widow/widower?

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As if dating or being married to someone with a BM/XW and kids wasn't challenging enough, there seem to be special challenges when dating someone who had a successful and loving marriage, but their spouse has died.

I was wondering if anyone here could share their experiences with how your partner/spouse would remember their late partner on holidays, special occasions, etc. And any rituals they had that might have presented a challenge.

OT: Hello Autumn and Prayers

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OMG - I'm so excited that it's October 1st and the mornings have been very cool, of late! The frost is nearly back on the pumpkins. I love Autumn!! Sadly, here in the Mid Atlantic area of the US, it's a dry, crispy kind of fall. I'm not sure if we'll get the brilliant colors; the leaves that are currently falling are dried out and brown.

This weekend is a getaway for BF and me, and the main attraction is a looooooong bike ride. Thankfully, it's in a flat part of our state. I'm riding the 100km route and he's riding the 100 mile route. I haven't had my bike out in over a month!

OT: Yellowstone

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Good Monday morning, my pretties!

I just got back from my trip to Yellowstone (via Denver) with DS29. I flew into Denver the Friday before last. Saturday/Sunday, we drove the 13+ hours up through Yellowstone and just into Montana to join my meetup group that organized the trip. We stayed in a great house with the organizer and 6 other people. Great accommodations!

Ghoulish SD

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BF (new guy), got back into town yesterday after sitting vigil with his dying MIL from Thursday to Monday. She passed Monday afternoon. He spent a couple days with FIL to help him out and be a sounding board now that FIL is also a widower.

On to the GhoulSD. Background: BF's wife died 4 years ago. MIL is his wife's bio mom and FIL is her stepdad. FIL has a son and daughter (ghoul SD). The Ghoul is in her 50s or early 60s.

GhoulSD got her butt up from Georgia right quick to "help her dad (FIL) out" during this difficult time.