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Ghoulish SD

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BF (new guy), got back into town yesterday after sitting vigil with his dying MIL from Thursday to Monday. She passed Monday afternoon. He spent a couple days with FIL to help him out and be a sounding board now that FIL is also a widower.

On to the GhoulSD. Background: BF's wife died 4 years ago. MIL is his wife's bio mom and FIL is her stepdad. FIL has a son and daughter (ghoul SD). The Ghoul is in her 50s or early 60s.

GhoulSD got her butt up from Georgia right quick to "help her dad (FIL) out" during this difficult time.

OT: Site ads (and 9/11)

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Okay. I'm getting kinda grossed out at the repeated ad (at the top of this site) that shows someone's ear and a doctor-like person trying to pull something that looks like a curled up spider out of the ear. I keep deleting it and it keeps showing up.

Barf. Barf. Barf.

Happy Hump Day.

I don't know about y'all, but I started my day bawling my eyes out going through my 9/11 memories. Ugh. Have a peaceful day. Never forget.

OT: It's okay to not miss them, right?

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New guy is a big traveler. Having worked in the travel industry for 20 years, he gets perks where he can fly free or cheaply anywhere in the world. He is currently on a flight back to the US from a cycling event in the UK. He traveled solo and I dig that because I LOVE solo travel.

He is the one who tells me that, when we're apart, he misses me SO much, and that tells him how much I mean to him.

OT: Update - surprise party

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Friend's buttwipe boyfriend is less of a buttwipe today. He contacted me when he learned my friend and I were kayaking after work on Friday. He said he has asked her to go out for a drink with him, but that won't work if she's kayaking with me. He asked if I could please cancel kayaking that day so she wouldn't have time to get other people to kayak with her. That way, he can take her for a drink, and then to the surprise party.

OT: Surprise party

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I need some advice.

I have a sweet friend who turns 60 this coming weekend. Her sometimes a-hole boyfriend (who has shown a very selfish and, sometimes, mean streak) has decided to throw her a surprise party.

My sweet friend is VERY insecure despite being a cute, outdoorsy looking lady. She always calls her self fat, old and wrinkly, but she's dead cute - very attractive. Apparently, this birthday is messing with her head, big time. I can't even take pictures of us out without her approving them before I share them because of her insecurity.

Just checking in

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Hola mis amigos!!

I'm very much behind on all the posts so please forgive me if I dredge up some from the last week as I was on vacation.

Last year, I burned so much vacation on my back issues and surgeries, I even ate into this year's leave a little. Last year's vacation to the WV mountains had to be shortened due to leave issues and back pain.

Toxic versus Healthy Relationships

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**This goes pretty much for all relationships, but both types I've experienced in relationships with men who have children with someone else, so it's relevant to step-life.**

I now have experience with both and am directing this towards a couple posters who seem to be in relationships with toxic/disordered people:


OT: Hot as a mutha!!!

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Okay, I'm sick of the heat. What I wouldn't give for a crisp autumn day, warm socks, a hot mug of tea and a slice of pumpkin pie, right now.

But nooooooooo - the whole country, it seems, is roasting. Please enjoy the following rant that closely reflects how I'm feeling right now: