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The weekend

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So for all of you who read about how BM was out of town and was not going to make it back on time for my bf to pick up his daughter, I have some more updates as my Saturday update was just quick and brief. So here it goes, BM did have a spare tire on her car when my bf arrived so at least that part was true. Her details of what happened/when they happened conflicted, but whatever at least he ended up getting his daughter and we ended up getting an extra overnight in exchange for her being late.

So today is pick up and guess what BM is going to be late

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So for those of you who have not read all of my blog entries, BM about a month ago had asked they do all communication through this app called App Close. So my bf set that app up and only has been communicating with BM through this app. Well somehow I guess we denied the app for sending notifications so we did not know until BM texted this morning that she messaged my bf on the app on Wednesday. Her message said "I was wondering if we could move the days around for the weekend?

Tomorrow is pick up round 3, what do you think will happen?

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Since my bf dropped off his daughter almost two weeks ago, BM has been radio silent, which is abnormal, but has definitely been nice. However, I expect between today and pick up tomorrow afternoon that BM will start her text message rant about her older child. The last time she went on a rant she went on about my bf picking his daughter up and her older child for the older child's birthday since he missed the younger child's birthday in July. However, BM did not include how she refused to let my bf see the child on her birthday, which is the only reason he missed it.

Veteran SM's what do you suggest?

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Bf's new lawyer had asked my bf to come up with a statement for why it is in his daughter's best interest to be primarily with him versus BM. Hopefully this week, if not next week, my bf will have the money to pay the retainer for this new lawyer, but we want to be 100% prepared with everything he has asked for once that happens. Bf asked me to assist him in writing this to include both of our thoughts and I am also better with putting his words in a more professional manner.


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So those of you who said BM was going to try and get my bf to take the older child too were right. Right before leaving for the exchange my bf got a text from BM saying how he did not respond to the message in the app regarding the older child wanting to call him, how she is trying to do right by the older child, "how she came into our lives shouldn't matter," etc.

Taking bets, pick up is today

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Pick up for my boyfriend's daughter is today at 3 pm, this is only the second pick up since the court date that ended the legal relationship between my bf and BM's oldest daughter and put a temporary custody order for my bf's daughter. We have not heard a peep from BM since her saying her oldest daughter asked to call him twice, my bf did not open the message for her to see he has read it, and she has not sent another one. 

Share something personal, my aunt, the SM

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It has been almost three months since this happened and because I just saw my aunt who is a SM last week while out of state at my great grandma's funeral I thought it might be something some of you would be interested in reading about. I am not posting about this looking for sympathy, but more to be informative about how much these evil BM's can be and the impact it does have on their children.

I've been quiet, but I am getting to my wit's end

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For those of you who have been following my blog know that while my bf is finishing up the custody battle and his divorce, I have been staying pretty under the radar with BM. Despite everything she has done or said, I have let my bf handle it and I have continued to stay under the radar to not rock the boat further and/or negatively impact the final outcome of the all the legal battles. However, I am really getting to the point that I do not know how much longer I can stay quiet.