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You would think waiting would be easy by now

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Today it is 1 week to the day until the scheduled trial for my bf's divorce. My bf had not heard anything from his attorney since December 19 and until an hour ago. We thought my bf would be signing off on the papers end of last week, but apparently what we are waiting on is for BM to review the papers, sign off on them, then my bf signs off on them, then finally there is the final decree. BM's attorney has sent them to her, she just hasn't signed off and sent them back .... over here waiting like the jeopardy theme song. 

The attorney said worst case BM could back out and there would be a continuance. While that worries me as a possibility, I really don't think that will happen since going through this whole process of back and forth on a settlement agreement, etc. plus then that hinders her plan of moving in June out of state. Still makes me nervous we are this close and it has been feeling like this will never be done. Being this close versus the last year and a half of this feels like it is taking sooooo much longer. Personally I suck at patience, but really trying to just not think about it.

Plus once it is all done we will get bf's daughter every other week vs. every other weekend which will be great and we are looking forward to it. Which also means back to day care for her and we can start trying to expand her learning because BM has not been working on that. Not trying to just rag on BM, but shes 3.5 and does not know her colors, numbers or letters. Granted my bf and I have not tried to teach her that since BM became primary in July and all that drama. However I am excited we bought some learning games and cards for learning all of those things and will actually have the time with her to teach her.  

Edit: Also to note, once the final decree happens, I will be blocking BM on social media and spending MUCH less time thinking about things regarding BM because the custody battle will be done. I don't make New Year's resolutions, but stressing myself less about documenting or preparing for court plus not looking at BM's SM will make my life so much happier. Only reason I hadn't blocked her before was in case she posted anything we could use in court. So looking forward to putting that time and energy on positive things for my life and relationship. Probably going to take a break from this site for a while too once it is all finalized. However, you all have been great supporters and a good outlet during all this craziness so I appreciate it even when it wasn't necessarily something I wanted to hear. 


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I hope soon the court/judge will finally do what is right for you and your family, your own BM drama with SS has been ridiculous 

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I am looking forward to mine and bf's trip to our future city at the end of the month and putting my energy on things that are good for me and my relationship. Just will be a huge weight off of our shoulders. Obviously there is room for much step hell to happen, but I will finally be with a divorced man, steps closer to starting our future together.

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Hoping all the legal processes go smoothly for you.

I hope that you can follow through on taking a step back form everything, hopefully reading here will have given you lots of tips to keep BM at bay in your life and in your mind. Obsesing over these things that we have no control over is bad for our health, though a tricky habit to break. It is still one that I am trying to learn.