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Update - Potential House Guest

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So bf got home not too late last night, around 10 pm, earlier than we originally thought and had a conversation about his friend. Bf felt bad because when he brought it up and offered it, he had no idea how long it was going to be and/or that he had a dog. He agreed that it just wasn't a good idea, whether it was just the length of time or the dog, they both are issues. He thought he was executing his orders in 6 weeks or less, but it's he is getting his orders and executing them in 2021. Both are big issues and it just wouldn't be good for our pets or for either of us. Bf explained he just got excited he had the chance to help someone like he had been helped in the past, but he didn't think it through realistically or about how it would effect us, etc. So we had a really good talk about it and it will be a non-issue in the future. So I'm relieved we are on the same page with it all. 

I also found out that he isn't married to his pregnant fiancé yet. I knew he had proposed and for some reason I thought he already married her, but apparently not. Apparently he is still married to his first wife. Both bf and I thought that his divorce was long done especially since he proposed to another woman and knocked her up. So furthermore makes me happy we aren't giving the possibility for that drama to enter our home. No idea what him and gf split over just that he said "he went through it once and is not getting played like that again." 


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I agree. This sounds like a dramafest.