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Totally O/T: Bad Neighbor and Harassment Claim

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So at bf's apartment complex, he lives on the 3rd floor and the building is set up that the hallway/corridor is outside so once you walk out of your apartment you are exposed to the elements. Over the winter a new neighbor moved in on this floor, but is the first apartment door when you reach the top of the stairs of the 3rd floor. There is also a 4th floor to this building. A woman lives there with her dog. Bf's apartment is diagonal from hers, so she is not his next door neighbor or directly across from him, but we pass her apartment every time you come and go. She is not the best neighbor for the following reasons:

1. She leaves her dog on her balcony 75% of the time, that barks the whole time the dog is out there, especially when another dog passes by

2. She smokes a lot of weed which makes the whole corridor smell strongly of weed

3. She will leave her trash outside her door for a day or two before walking it down to the dumpster

4. When she takes her trash to the dumpster she drags it which causes a rip in the bag and leaves gross residue on the stairs and hallway, down the sidewalk to the dumpster


The neighbor across from bf is very nice, he has lived there before bf moved there, he is extremely polite and very rarely home. Every time I see him during the week he is dressed up in a suit. He lives alone, but has a gf who is also very polite. A few months ago when I saw him, he had commented to me that he has been smelling weed all the time, must be the new neighbor. I told him, yeah it must be because it has never smelled like that before. Then about a month ago, when bf and I were coming home as we were climbing the stairs, we heard LOUD banging on a door and we were like oh shit what is going on. Turns out nice neighbor was banging on new neighbors door (which is his next door neighbor, the not the best neighbor). Bf and I said hello to him and he said hello and how his whole place stinks of weed and he has had enough. We went in bf's apartment and have no idea how the conversation went, but we don't think well because then new neighbor slammed his door a few minutes later. 

I say all this to give back story. So two days ago now, there was a note on not the best neighbor's door, after 24 hours she had two bags of trash outside her door which said "This is NOT ok. The office will be notified." ....

Well bad neighbor replied to it yesterday morning on the same paper saying "To whomever wrote this and doesn't have the balls to say it to my face... I work everyday and I get things done when I can. I was in a rush. Not that I need to explain shit to you. Give me a day break. One day I leave trash out. Either  help or mind your damn business. P.S. If you feel the need to be a KAREN call me (left number)."

Then, someone else responds to these notes yesterday afternoon with a sticky note saying "This is not the first time you have left trash outside your door for 24+ hours. Can attract mice, bugs, etc. Plus it is gross. Not original note writer, but 2nd their note. Plus smells like weed often. Be mindful of your neighbors."

This morning there was a fresh note from bad neighbor on her door saying "To whom it may concern... At this point you both are harassing me. I need names & addresses ASAP. (She left space for two people to write names and addresses). Number 1... You have touched my door and have addressed your frustrations on my door. Over trash... As if I am not aware of the effects of trash staying in an outside enviorment for over a 24+ hour period. I am aware... and not dumb... the trash still goes out regardless. Now the fact you wait till I am not at home to say something....Again...I work...and I STILL DO IT. You both are acting as if I am FREQUENTLY doing this. As if your lives are SO EFFECTED. Understand... Your response wasn't needed. I work come home, and mind my damn business. I don't pester any of you with notes or dumb messages. Leave me alone. The next note in response to this will have a court summons on your door. If and when, contact me and my lawyer. Harrassment is not okay Smile (Left lawyer's name and number). P.S. I've already emailed the leasing manager... She's aware of my response and I sent pictures. So call me if you need. Now ya'll have a nice day :)"

Personally we think the nice neighbor wrote the note because we actually saw him so he was home which is rare and after the last time he knocked on her door, probably didn't want a face to face interaction because he is fed up.

The reason I have all the verbiage is because bf has taken photos and sent it to me. Personally, we find it ridiculous because I can name 10 times she has done this with her trash. No one else in the building does this. If they don't have time, they leave it in their trash cans like normal/clean people until they have time to take it out. Also, bf looked up attorney, her attorney is a criminal attorney so that is interesting. So happy we are moving out of this building tomorrow though, the drama is unreal. 


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I am surprised that the management of the apartment complex does not address the trash left out in common areas.  That is disgusting and a health hazard.  It is usually pretty pointless to try to deal with this kind of person directly.  Is weed legal in your state?  Drug use is normally something that will get someone bounced out of a nice place rather quickly!

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or what the leasing manager's response was to this tenant. She usually is not around after 3 pm and I don't think the neighbor was home before then to even see it. The leasing manager I think would actually tell her she is in the wrong, because it is actually listed as against the rules on the building rules which is posted in every building!

Also, in VA weed is NOT legal, so I told bf that the nice neighbor was actually being nice because he could of just called the police or the leasing manager! As the neighbor did not address the weed comment in her note, I bet she realizes she can't make any snippy remarks about it because it is not legal at all! So who knows what will happen! But seeing as they are strict on smoking ciggs I doubt the leasing lady would be cool about the weed!

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Yeah, I had downstairs neighbors once, I think they worked a late shift because they came home super late at night.  They started throwing trash out of their windows.  The trash receptacles were so close to our parking area there was no excuse.  I mean, you can take out trash ANY TIME.  They were kicked out very soon after the trash issues started - the managers didn't allow for any excuses.

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She is trying to scare you,

It's not harassment, but, allow the office manager deal with things moving forward.

She sounds like she has done this before. Meaning, she is not a good neighbor, cries foul and threatens people with law suits by claiming harassment when she is called out for being a awful neighbor. Tell your nice guy neighbor to take pics and show the office manager.

Glad your moving out too.

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we didn't leave any notes or anything and haven't complained since we are not her next door neighbor.

Yeah definitely will if we see him over the next few days! We already have pics and apparently the neighbor next to us, bf saw taking pics of it yesterday and laughing about it. So there is tons of proof!

I agree! I think she totally tries to play victim all because people are calling her out

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LOL - she's the one being a Karen! "You are addressing your frustrations on my door", too funny.  Sounds like something BM would say.

I'd just keep reporting her to the apartment manager, over and over.

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I am surprised she is not a BM... well that we know of! 

I just couldn't help, but laugh, I kinda wanted to write down the definition of harassment and put it on her door because she clearly doesn't understand what harassment is, but we are leaving tomorrow and I am not trying to stir up drama. We have to see the leasing manager today for keys so I will be interested if she brings it up or asks us about it since bf lives on that floor! 

But you know she didn't have any remarks about the weed comment because it is illegal in VA! How convenient!