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So I am thinking that

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maybe, BM's agenda is she is trying to make it so she is the one to receive the money the goverenment is sending out to people because of the coronavirus. The reason I think this is because I was reading how most of the money will be based off of 2018 Tax Returns, but I have also seen that it is possible to go off the 2019 tax return. Whereas in 2018, bf and BM filed married, filing separately, but bf claimed the two children for 2018, but this year, BM gets to claim bf's daughter from here on out unless filing for child support then it gets revised. Plus forever since BM took bf's rights away, will get to claim the other child, so BM stands to possibly get A LOT of money from the government....

Just my thoughts

Also adding, not saying BM shouldn't get the money especially for her kid that is not my bf's, but because they are married, filing separate does BM get a check for the 2 of them plus the two kids? ... I don't care if she gets the money for herself and the two kids, but is she going to get more "free" money because she filed for 2019? Not quite sure how it is going to work, but definitely feel that is her agenda on the messages the other day!


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Wait, I'm confused. Individuals get $1200 if they made less than roughly 75K. Couples get $2400 if they made less than 150K, or so. It's based off of the 2019 returns, I believe, unless they aren't filed yet, in which case they go off 2018. And it doesn't have to do with who had the kid more often.  But I don't know how they will mail it to people who are filing as married, but live separately.

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my bf falls under that category and so does BM if you include her in it. I saw first it was based off 2018 tax returns. BM very clearly filed hers this week, bf and I still need to.

I know it doesn't go off of that at all. What I am saying is I am curious who will get the check or if since it is married filed separately if it will be they each get one then one of them gets the money for the children. 

I think BM was trying to hurry up and file since this year she gets to claim both kids on the taxes whereas last year she didn't and she wants the money

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I didn't know there was money for the kids, sorry.  I also don't know what happens if they are separated.

BUT, didn't she file before they even really figured out this plan?

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$500 per kid.

no she filed Wednesday when this has been already shared throughout the news etc.

again, bf doesn't even want the money from the govenrrnment but I do think it's wrong if she gets double because they aren't and weren't divorced in 2019. Just don't know if it'll be 1 check to each with one getting money for the kid or a total of one check? I mean I just don't know but definitely see this as her possible agenda 

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The stimulus is based off 2019 return, unless it hasn't been filed. In that case it will be based off 2018 return. 

BM, if eligible based on her income, she will get $1200 plus $500 per child she claimed on her taxes. She will not "get $1200 extra for your boyfriend". 

Given she has claimed the shared child on her 2019 taxes, your boyfriend will not get the stimulus funds for the children claimed last year. Just like if 2 people try and claim a dependant on taxes the returns are flagged and only one is able to claim the dependant.

That being said, I think bm is taking up far too much of your headspace. You should really try to not think about bm and what she is/is not doing, how much money she is going to get from the stimulus, etc. At a certain point it becomes unhealthy. 


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I brought up her getting $1,200 for my boyfriend is not a ridiculous question since it states "married" couples who meet the requirements would receive $2,400... they are legally still married. So was wondering as BM has filed her taxes and bf has not, if BM will receive a check for $2,400 plus $500 per kid because she has filed her taxes. As they file married but separate again this year. 

I am not worried about BM or letting her take up too much headspace. All I was saying was I think I figured out BM's agenda the other day and sharing what I thought it was. Sure, I hope BM doesn't get $2,400 for the two of them since they are both eligible just because she would probably take it and not say anything and she shouldn't get the money my bf is eligible for whether he wants it or not.

stop trying to make it seem like I'm crazy or obsessed because I'm not at all 

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The ONLY way bm would get your boyfriend's stimulus fund would be if she filed married JOINT. Since she used a preparer I can almost guarantee that she didn't. 

There are several ways you can "file married":

Married - Joint

Married - Separate

Head of Household (very likely she did this)

Federal tax filing status is not simply "married" vs "single".

I can only assume, given how long your boyfriend and bm have been separated, they have not filed married JOINT since 2017 (if even then).

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If she filed "Married filing separately," that would mean she would only get $1,200 + money for however many kids she claimed. "Married filing separately" is basically the same as filing "Single" and as far as I'm aware that's how the government sees it.

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I'm not sure the semantics really matter at this point. It is already a ridiculous stimulus package that gives some people far more money than they could earn.

I find it irritating that DH and I have worked hard to get to the point where we are financially, and now, all of a sudden, anyone and everyone will make close to his salary without putting in an ounce of effort. 

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But that money goes into the bank account, that IRS refund money went into.  So what bank account was place on tax refund space that where this money will go to.