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Phone Calls

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Well another phone call that SD answers crying and takes several minutes for her to get to talk then finally she gets to talking and asks "do you remember when (BM's oldest) came over your house?" And also "why did you marry mommy?" ... very clearly BM is filling SD's head because she's never mentioned any of this ever and doesn't even remember them living together, she was under 2 at the time. That's the most coherent things she said the whole phone call.

Then we come back from our two mile walk to a message from BM in the app saying "I don't know if SD (4) mentioned to you but she has a dance audition today. They like both parents to be there but I know you don't want to be anywhere I will be at, but I signed them up because they love to dance"

^Thought you didn't have money to spend?! Also, no we are not showing up anywhere you will be especially if your other child will be there. Pretty suspicious first SD says "remember when BM's older child used to come to your house?" ... then you message saying you'll be somewhere with both kids do you want to come? 

You'll be in for a surprise when you get your mail the next couple days and you find a letter threatening legal action against you 


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Have you been recording these calls? I think I would even if only because your SD is crying every time. In what world is that normal?

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I think your SO is making a mistake not going just because BM and the other child is there. Love your child more than you hate your ex. He's gotta do better.