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Papers have been received!!!

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Finally, the attorney received BM's signed papers yesterday and sent them over to bf via email last night. The papers were not notarized until January 29th, not January 24th like bf's attorney was originally told which is why they have not been received until now. Still took 2 weeks to be delivered to an office in the same town as BM's attorney, which I think is ridiculous, but whatever. The signed papers are now in the hands of bf's attorney so finally he can do what he needs to do and the processing time can start. Perfect gift the day before Valentine's Day, although a final decree would be better, but it just doesn't work that quickly! 

On a positive note, while it wouldn't be a big deal if my bf had his daughter on Valentine's Day, we would of celebrated a different day or got a babysitter, we are child free tomorrow and have nice dinner plans and will be going ice skating as well! I hope you all have a great V-Day with your SO.



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*Pops a bottle of bubbly*

Aniki - time to mix some cocktails to celebrate!!

Have a great Valentine's Day, futurestepmom!  You both deserve it. 

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Let's see... This celebration  calls for champagne and it's almost VD, so... I will call this:

Grand Celebration

4 oz. Raspberry-Peach Grand Marnier
2 tsp honey
12 raspberries (additional for garnish)
Mint leaves for garnish (optional)
1 bottle Champagne, chilled
2 champagne flutes, chilled

In a blender, add the Grand Marnier, honey, and 12 raspberries. Blend until smooth.
Fill the chilled glasses halfway with the raspberry mixture, then fill the rest of the glass with champagne. 
Garnish with a raspberry and a mint leaf. 
Repeat. <3

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Been wondering what to do with that bottle of GM raspberry peach. Thanks Aniki!!

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Happy Valentine's day to you guys!!

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Do yourself a favor and TURN YOUR PHONES OFF after work or leave them in the car and DO NOT LOOK at them.

BM's are notorious for messing with romantic plans.

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Congratulations! I know how good it must feel to get another step toward official closure.

Happy Valentine's Day Indeed!!!! <3 

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Congratulations hon, I'm sure DBF is ecstatic and ready to turn his life to a new page in a new chapter. All the blessings for this Valentine's day!

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I raise my vanilla latte to you - Congrats FINALLY!!