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O/T - Watches

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So totally off topic, but I just wanted to share with everyone here in case they are looking for a good gift to give and good sale! So my family has been harassing me about Christmas since October because they like to do their shopping early, especially with COVID going on. So I started doing my Christmas shopping early too. So I got an email about Fossil having a good sale so I was like let me check them out because I have been wanting to do a his and hers matching match set for a bit now. We are kind of that annoying couple of the his and hers or matching each other on things. So I look and there was a black his and hers watch for $110 off original price and I was like well that is a good deal, plus I applied their 40% off promo so Instead of paying $280 which was the original price, I paid $100 for the set! I am already done my Christmas shopping so I am saving this for Valentine's Day. So just figured I would share my little victory today!