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No drama, which has been nice

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So the last few weeks have been really nice because there has been absolutely NO drama from BM. Not in messages, other than her being dumb about asking to file married or single for 2019 tax year, but that wasn't necessarily drama. After pick up on Sunday, bf was like it has been weird, I have been waiting for BM to stir up drama, but she hasn't in messages or in person for weeks. I also pointed out how I have been in the car every exchange for weeks. Bf goes, you're right, maybe that has something to do with it. I also pointed out how the last time BM tried to stir drama via messages, he just responded "K," both times and she shut up, so he isn't leaving any room or opportunity for her to start any drama.

Me attending exchanges has been fine because I sit in the car, bf gets out, walks about 10 feet away from his truck, gets his daughter from BM and they part ways. There is zero interaction or even acknowledgement from me to BM, other than a glance in her direction when I see she is walking up, then I pay no mind to her in any way. Right now my ride in the car to exchanges is one of the only ways I get out and about anymore, as we are under a stay home order here in Virginia. So going outside with bf, everyday to at least go for a walk or when his daughter is here we go out to play for at least an hour, these car rides, and maybe going in the store once a week or every other week is the highlights of getting out. 

I have severe asthma and as COVID-19 started spreading big time here in the US, I had a huge asthma flare up that resulted in lots of steroids, 3 breathing treatments at minimum a day, etc. So now that I am finally doing pretty well, even though I have back up steroids and breathing treatments, trying to limit my chance of exposure. Which is not really fun, as I am quite an extrovert, but bf and I have been trying to stay busy and have home date nights. I did get a chance to go to hobby lobby before it closed so I spent $250 on crafting supplies for us together and for his daughter. So hopefully I come out of this more in shape from our daily workouts too. 

Being home 24/7 with bf and the weeks we have his daughter too, has been pretty good, no drama there either. So only thing missing is still waiting on the judge to sign off on the divorce, which could be any day as the circuit court is open in the capacity to sign, just hasn't done so yet. So crossing my fingers the no drama continues.

Wishing all you are doing okay during this pandemic as well! 


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I'm so glad the drama from BM has calmed down.

I now know that had I gone with DH for pick ups and drop offs when SD was young, BM would not have pulled all of the crap that she did at exchanges. At the time, I thought it would just incite her, but now I know that she wouldn't have shown her ass with me there, she doesn't want anybody else to see her crazy.

Good call going to Hobby Lobby before they closed, I wish I would have. Although, DH would disagree and say that I have enough art supplies.

Sorry to hear about your asthma flare ups, take care of yourself.

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I think that is what it is with BM in my situation is she doesn't want anyone else to witness her crazy. 

I had to wait outside for almost an hour! Because they were only allowing ten people in at a time (as they should of been). Majority of the stuff I got was 40% off or even 50% off so that was awesome. I have a lot of art stuff at my place too, mostly needed canvases and some more kid aimed crafts. So I have weeks and weeks worth of things to do! I would of ordered Amazon, but the delivery dates are all over the place!

Thanks I will!