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Little Evil

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Has anyone seen the movie Little Evil on Netflix? If you haven't you might like it. The movie is about a man who married a woman with a child from another man. The step dad and the step son do not get along as the child keeps trying to get rid of him and mom is a disney mom. It is basically a horror comedy, more on the comedy side. Bf and I watched this a few nights ago and we liked it. Well I liked it until the end because WARNING SPOILER ALERT the movie ends with after spending time with his step son that the step dad ends up loving him. AKA hinting towards all a step parent needs to do is spend time with their step children and they will love them. This is after the child buried him alive in their backyard, so not realistic at all that after an attempted murder by the step child that the step parent will love the child after quality time.

I mean luckily for me I do love my SD and there are no negative feelings towards her, etc. but for those who really do have "little evil" step children at home who are just trying to get rid of their step parent, time together is not going to fix it. In the beginning though does highlight well how the bio parent can be blinded by their child's attempts to get in the way of their marriage, etc. but think the child can do no wrong.

Anyone else seen the movie?


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Oh I wanted to watch that movie so badly for the stepparent aspect as it looked exactly like you describe! I can't do horror though.

Good to know the ending was just a Hollywood attempt to gaslight stepparents.

I hope someday, someone makes a movie that can put stepparents in the reality that usually befalls is: well-meaning do-gooders who ultimately wind up as victims to the ugly bio-family dynamics.

A journey that follows a stepparents attempt to regain their own sanity and self-respect within the chaos that a failed family brings would make for an interesting and relatable story.

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is the wrong word and that is the genre it is labeleld under, it is definitely more thriller than horror. I can't even think of any gore or anything like that going on. It has suspenseful moments and one person is stabbed through the chest, but it isn't gorey. So if you can do thriller, then I'd suggest it for the hell of it.

At first I was like wow this movie is really showing how blind the bio parent can be, etc. then it did a 180 and went in the other direction and I was like well, it was fun while it lasted.

There is another movie I would have to look up that is probably the best at depicting that, but it is a fine line of thriller/horror so you might not like it, but has to do with a BM that is crazy and is trying to hurt her ex husband's finance, etc.However, the BM goes very far where it usually is not a physical threat that degree for the step parent.

EDIT: It is called Unforgettable (2017) and has Katherine  Heigl in it and is labeled as a thriller

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I haven't seen that one but the movie "Cyrus" with Marisa Tomei is pretty realistic. Jonah Hill plays her enmeshed, coddled adult son. 

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list of movies for us to watch actually, so now that you say it is good and realistic, I'll make sure we watch it soon!

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It's very realistic in terms of manipulative skids. It does sort of buy into the hollywood stereotype of exes being BFFs though. 

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don't follow the hollywood norm honestly the ones they don't do the expected ending or what soceity wants us to believe life is like or should be like