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Good News!

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Yesterday afternoon bf's attorney emailed him saying the court now received the corrected decree (just two words needed to be bolded in the original decree) and that it should be signed next week and hopefully next week he should be able to tell bf that he is divorced! Oh I sure hope so, that would be fantastic! Especially since today we get the keys to our new place and start moving in tomorrow morning! So even though a few days late, we will still get our fresh new start in the place like I had wanted. So crossing fingers!


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buckle up.  Usually after the ink has dried on the papers, that's when the HCGUBM scorched earth policy really revs up!  

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I mean she can try, but after pick up on Monday, until SD's birthday comes around end of July, there will be no exchanges with BM and then after that it won't be till September 1. We will not get in the way of her calling SD or facetiming (reasonable amount of course) and unless the child gets hurt or some kind of emergency, bf does not have to respond to BM even if she messages in the app, so I am not really worried, she can try to an extent, but we are not going to give in. Hand the phone to SD, let child talk to BM, then the phone gets hung up, there's no need for any more contact than that.

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more than I do, but unless she shows up at our place, she's not getting any responses from bf. Especially when child is with us, so there is no "emergency" BM will have that requires a response or attention, except the one day around SD's birthday that she's going to get to see her.

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She can show up and demand to take SD, she can call CPS,  she can do welfare checks, she can file court petitions, she can make SD cry when she talks to her on the phone, she can send relentless harassing texts - I hope not, but with a BM like this, just be prepared.

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we all know BM is stupid, she really is, but I don't think she is THAT stupid. Personally, I think the only way she will fuck up or be impossible to work with is in regards to education and medical. My friend's husband's ex wife is pretty much how you just described, minus the filing court petitions and they got awarded a custody flip because of BM's behavior. We have gotten pretty good at calling BM and I really don't think that's going to happen. I think at most she might message a bunch to try and see the child, but she 1 out of 10 times called when she said she was going to call. I can be totally wrong and I have been before, so I guess we will wait and see.

Edit: I am not saying you are wrong, especially when we both know how crazy this BM can be, but she is also lazy and she also got majority custody like she wanted. After everything we have been through with her already, I really am not worried about her. Ever since bf rejected her Valentine's Day gift she tried to give him, told her what goes on during his time is not her business, told her she is the biggest mistake of his life, and bf's responses to her are usually "K." BM has backed off, especially because bf won't give into her drama. It could mean she is up to something, for sure, but honestly other than trying to see SD this summer on bf's time and maybe trying to be in too much contact with the kid, I think for at least the summer, the drama is kinda over. BM called 1 out of 10 times she ever said she would, so I would be surprised if she ends up trying a lot especially when there is no set call schedule.

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and never will, so she calls, fine, the child is safe and cared for, then later can just bring it up. It would be annoying, but I am not scared at all. If she calls we still will not be doing her any favors lol

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Hopefully this gives both of them closure and BM will just follow the order and not make any big waves and your and your BF can really start your lives together!! 

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And I sure hope so!

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I mean the most contact they have had in months has been in the past week/week and a half. 

1. To ask BM if she wants this weekend since bf's time starts June 1

2. To let BM know that the divorce being finalized is waiting on her attorney

3. Tell BM to show up at her attorney's when she complained her attorney has not returned her voicemails about the corrected decree

4. To let BM know bf is there when picking up or dropping off SD because we don't want her anywhere near our place


So all of those reasons go bye bye next week