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Cousin's gf continued - COVID related

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So when I first wrote about her I purposefully left out something big because I wanted to see what other people's thoughts were without this tidbit. The biggest reason I am angry that cousin and cousin's gf are coming is because a month ago the gf got COVID. She got it because she has been going to bars, thinking COVID is a joke, and oh yeah she lives in FL, so she has been acting as though life is normal and not taking precautions. Which of course in turn, she gave COVID to my cousin because they live together and I will admit he also thinks it is a joke, not as much as her, but he hasn't been taking it seriously. So when my cousin's step mom told my aunt, they were coming then it trickled to my mom and I, we were like uh excuse me what? Not only that, right after they got out of their 2 weeks of quarantine, the next day they went on vacation in the keys.... So I am really irritated by the fact that they never asked anyone how they felt about them coming when just recovering from COVID, my grandparents are coming so they are exposing them, my parents see my mom's parents pretty often and even though they had it, they are right back to bar hopping, etc.

Bf and I are I would say in the middle or higher middle on how we feel about COVID. We wear our masks, we constantly clean our hands, don't go to bars or anything that is a lot of people especially in an enclosed environment, we only see people that we know are reacting to COVID in the same way, etc. but we still do go and do some things, we have gone and seen both of our families, etc. Bf has had MANY people at his work/base get COVID, he has stayed away from anyone that has had it and has come back to work after having it, etc. I have not had contact with anyone who has had it yet.

So bf and I decided we would still come see everyone, but we were going to stay in a hotel because we did not want to share a sleeping space and bathroom with them. My aunt offered for us to put our air mattress in her and uncle's bedroom and use their bathroom because she understood where we were coming from, but didn't want us to have to get a hotel. So we said okay, it is two nights and realistically since we will be seeing them anyway, we are already exposing ourselves.

Part of me knows we just should not go, but we are and I hope it doesn't bite us in the a** for going. My cousin just got tested for COVID and it came out negative and the rest of the family, plus his gf are supposed to be tested this week before getting on a plane. So hopefully she at least cares enough to settle people's nerves and actually get tested, not just say she was. I will not be hugging either of them or being closer than 6 feet, even though I know going already gives exposure.

Last night bf and I went to see our friends who are expecting a baby in January and we told them about the family drama and that we won't be trying to see them for a few weeks until we know for sure we don't have COVID so we don't give it to them. You know the responsible and respectful thing. So cross your fingers for me that not only will there be no drama, but that we don't get COVID. It just really gets under my skin that neither of them asked or talked to anyone about it and put my aunt/uncle in a tough position, but apparently neither of them care about how anyone else feels on the topic.