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A BM called up a radio show to prove Ex-H was lying

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So this is obviously not about me, but bf and I started listening to this podcast when we were on our road trip last month called "Dirty Work Wednesday" and basically people call up this radio show to help them prove someone was lying, cheating, etc. or really just about anything. So yesterday bf and I were on our way to our friends and listened to a few episodes of this show. There was one in particular that I just had to share with you all... See below

So a BM has 3 kids with an ex husband, but it sounds like neither of them have a new SO or at least if so the other does not know about this. Well the BM's best friend is having a bachelorette party in Vegas on one of her weekends and she has her ex-h to switch weekends with her so she could go. Ex-h said no, I can't because I have to work and the BM thinks her ex-h is lying so she called the radio show to prove he is lying and free that weekend. Anyway, long story short, they call him up pretending to be some organization for a hobby he is really into and if he is free that same weekend the BM asked to participate and he said he was free. Well then the BM called up the ex-h and both the radio show host and the BM were mad the ex-h lied and wouldn't switch weekends! The host even went on to allude to he was a POS and not wanting to see his kids, etc.

Bf and I were so baffled by this because uh hello, they have a court order, it is BM's time so it is up to her to find child care on her time, and basically, she just wanted a free babysitter, but was so entitled thinking how dare her ex-h not want to switch and lie to her. It is absolutely ridiculous the mind set some people have and then twist it that the dad is a POS because he doesn't want to switch weekends to help out his ex. Like oh my, the horror, he must not ever want to see his kids just because he doesn't want to do a favor for his ex, especially so she can go party in Vegas instead of figure out something else that makes her have to put out money for child care. Just worst dad ever award apparently.


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This is part of the problem I feel like why so many BM's are so entitled is the media supports these outrages BM's have. Like he lied to you? So what? Now you know your ex-h doesn't want to do you any favors, congratulations, now move on.

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It's too bad he wasn't quicker on his feet and said something along the lines of "How about since all she wants to do is party in Vegas, she let's me have full custody and cut of the child support money train and I will keep the kids all the time? Otherwise this is just ANOTHER ploy for her to shuck her parental responsibility and make me look like the bad guy." 

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it is just ridiculous!

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Whyd she tell the truth, I mean what happened to good old emotional blackmail? Bm here used to say ss is REEEALLY missing you, can he stay this weekend too? Low and behold when he'd get sick and want his mummy by Sunday, she couldn't get him as she was hrs away having a good old tarty time 

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Then the BM goes on about how "immature" the dad is, and he was like really? I am not the one wanting to go party or the one calling a radio show...

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This is my exact thought. Now he certainly isn't going to be willing to compromise in the future. In my experience most people, men especially, aren't too quick to forgive public humiliation. The only person who comes out of this looking petty and immature is BM.

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It's sad how many people would side with BM and the host on this. It's absolutely none of BM's business what her ex is doing when. The court order is there for a reason. And by acting like the father is a POS for "not wanting to see his kids" they could apply that same logic to BM for wanting a weekend away from her kids to have fun in Vegas. It doesn't make any sense.

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Why some folks are willing to put their drama out so publically?  Did BM understand she was just a tool to be used by this radio station?  Are people really so stupid they would believe they were somehow the recipient of a wonderful, unsolicited opportunity?  Why was the DH not more skeptical?

I think the real answer is this is all faked drama to reel in the audience. 

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In a perfect world, both bio parents would be open to adjusting schedules "equitably".  So.. yeah.. it would be a decent thing for him to agree to a change for her.. if she was equally open to changing schedules when he needed it too.  And I do mean equitably... like switching weekends that don't interfere with work schedules etc...

The fact that he wouldn't agree.. is probably in response to her not being agreeable with him in adjusting things too.

When the two parties have too much animosity.. the only way to keep the drama to a minimum is to just simply follow the CO and not even broach the subject of changes.


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But if the BM has to go to the radio to prove he is lying, then clearly they are not amicable.

In a high conflict situation, which I feel like this was, following the court order is the best way to go all the way !