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Bf talked to his attorney

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So bf's attorney got back to him yesterday regarding if BM doesn't move come September 1 as well as the status of the divorce being finalized. In regards to BM possibly not moving after September 1, the attorney said for bf to follow his summer schedule, ensure he allows BM to have adequate phone communication, if he wants to, allow BM to have a day or two with SD this summer. Until BM breaches the CO which would be her not moving because in the CO it states she is moving in a specific timeframe, there is nothing that can be done, but he would suggest if she doesn't leave to try and work out something they can both agree on instead of going through the court. Bf's attorney feels same way as us, that BM will move shortly after September 1 so he does not suggest modifying his summer schedule too much because it can look like bf can't handle or does not want extended time with SD, plus since BM could pick up and move right after September 1, he could just lose more time with her. 

In regards to the divorce not being finalized yet, you wouldn't believe why this is taking so long. So apparently the words "beneficiary designation" was not bolded, so his attorney had to bold these words, send it to BM's attorney for him to sign off to resend to the court. BM's attorney has not signed off and sent it to the court in all these weeks. So bf's attorney is trying to get the judge to waive BM's attorney's signature because it has been so long and it wasn't any real modifications. Bf messaged BM by advice of his attorney to see if she knows anything/can contact her attorney to find out anything/get her attorney to do his job. For once, I don't think BM told her attorney to drag his feet on delaying the process. BM said she called and left a voicemail, she will call again today, it was after her attorney leaves the office for the day and hopefully this can nonsense can just be finished finally. Just really unbelievable that yet again another delay, but this time because two words were not bolded, makes me wanna scream/laugh/cry because it's just crazy.

Last update bf did offer to BM to have SD on his Friday, Saturday, & Sunday next weekend and will pick her up on June 1 to give BM a few extra days before his summertime starts, plus allowing SD to have a fun weekend instead of being around all of our moving, lets us be able to focus on the move, & BM gets more time with her. We also have to type up a notice of change of address in writing and mail it to BM, but bf is going to take it to Sunday pick up and ask BM if he can just hand it to her or he can put it in the mail just because it is easier and he is already there. 



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So one thing about mailing the address. I'd just do that. Then you have a trail in case BM tries to pull anything.

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get it? Unless you are suggesting do like first class mail or something where there is actually a receipt and tracking # instead of just putting a stamp on it ?

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Glad you got a response from the attorney. 

HOPEFULLY bm just moves like the order says before Sept and you guys can just get on with your lives. 

BM's attorney here will extend things out for months for no damn reason. It get's so frustrating. Our attorney has started filing everything under some rule that basically says due to the other attorney's non response we submit the order and they have 14 days to contest it or the judge signs off and it is done. I can't remember what it is called but it is sad that we have to do that now for everything.

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with the least drama!

That has been the case for the last 2 years, but bf and I both actually feel like BM is ready for it to finally be over. She was hella mad via message that her attorney has been holding things up, supposed to call him again today, hopefully either she does and this moves forward or bf's attorney is granted the signature to be waived. That is annoying for you, but also good so then at least there is no huge delay anymore!

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ALWAYS follow the court order for notices exactly, and if it provides for mail, make sure to use a type of mail where you know it was received (i.e., registered, RRR or certified).  It costs a little extra but can save your bacon in the long run.  And keep the receipts in a file where you can readily find them.