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Back to just post another update

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So bf and I got back from our trip to the west coast on Monday at midnight. We had such a great time! It was really great to see all that we did and see his best friend, future boss plus his wife and kids, etc. Where we went is where we will be moving to May 2021 so it was really good to get a couple days out there and explore all that we did!

I am really posting an update just because so much has happened and I don't want to talk my mom or my friends' ears off all the time about it all because it isn't anything overly important, however you all understand and I feel like look forward to updates on things other people would be meaningless so see below Smile

1. Bf picked daughter up from BM, BM said she already went and visited her sister, so basically the whole drama revolving around my bf not giving up his time was just to be petty and start drama

2. Bf and I had a conversation regarding how we want to change his daughter's room around, etc. since we are to have her week on/week off now. Which after a little pushing by me because bf originally did not want to talk about/sort through his feelings, he decided the framed photo of BM's older daughter and a handful of other photographs he will be giving to BM at drop off Sunday. Today we are buying a bookcase and rearranging the bedroom a little bit, which will give the room a fresh start, so I think that is a very good thing. 

3. BM keeps giving her daughter things/putting things in bf's truck when he picks her up. This time was a blanket. So at drop off Sunday, bf will be telling BM this is the last time he will be giving back her things, moving forward anything BM tries to send with his daughter, will be trashed since she has not listened the 100,000 times he has told her to stop.

4. Bf finally got the doctor information to which BM has been taking his daughter because he had to get a physical, record of shots, etc. for day care since she will be going back starting the next time we have her. Surprise, surprise, his daughter was missing the Hep A shot and the flu shot. Bf has been asking if she was updated/got her flu shot since October. So he got all the information and took her back to the doctor on base she has been seeing since she was 1. 

5. BM played the whole victim nonsense again to bf via message on the co-parenting app when getting info regarding the doctor. BM went on a whole thing about it's time to move forward now, etc...... Meanwhile it has been 2 years since my bf filed for divorce, moved out, etc.... bf thinks BM was just trying to get us to fight or something because then she went on this whole trip again about family, making mistakes, etc... to which bf just responded that he moved on a long time ago, his only mistakes were dating her, marrying her, etc. After that he stopped replying because there is no point and BM will never take responsibility

6. Heard from the lawyer, he is still waiting on the physical copy of the signed PSA which is extremely frustrating because it has been 2 weeks today since BM signed them, so while we are irritated and frustrated there is nothing we can do, but continue to wait. 

7. After BM's victim act, I broke my rule and looked at her instagram. She posted an image saying "Don't be normal" ... then captioned it saying "For along time I was who everyone else wanted me to be. Even in my marriage. Many things were not acceptable. Being miserable was normal for me. When my life seemed to be ending it had just begun. When my husband walked out I was stunned and my heart shattered. The perfect life I had tried to build. All gone in a matter of one day. The truth of the matter was it wasn't perfect. In fact not one person realized I was in trouble. I hid the bruises and the fear. This being said it isnt to shame or talk badly of someone. It's my silense being broken. I'm choosing me. #loveyourself #truth #freedom"

^spelling mistakes are all BM's I wrote it word for word. This PISSED me off so bad because there is so much lying in there. They had separate bedrooms for 2 years before the day my bf filed and left. It was not a surprise at all. Also, I have seen my bf drunk, I have seen him mad, etc. and he never gets violent, plus when BM is CPS and police calling happy, he definitely never hurt her or she would of called and reported it. She has also made false claims my bf raped her (not to police or anyone, just to him and other people), she got raped that resulted in a child from another man, and she told my bf she was raped in the past and described it as rape because she "regretted it later." BM has other posts reflecting about being a survivor, victim, etc. it pissed me off and disgusted me. I did not tell bf and I will not because there is zero benefit. Will give BM the attention she wants, encourage her to keep doing it, make her feel good that I/him are paying attention to her posts, etc. So now I really really am not going to look at it because it's going to stress me out and there is zero benefit. We all know BM is a huge liar and that is that.

8. Bf and I started more clean eating and getting back into exercising this week, so super motivated and excited on that. 

So yeah, just figured you all might find a lot of that interesting. Hope everyone has a great weekend Smile


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She sounds like my DH's ex, always the victim. She tells everybody that her previous BF or husband beat/abused her. She sleeps with everybody, then cries "rape". It's her MO. She just doesn't understand how these things happen to her because she is such a good and generous person. It's sickening, really.

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Yes, BM here tells everyone DH abused her - he shook her awake to ask her if she was having an affair with her colleague - she was. I'm sure her narrative is still that DH used her and then left her, and OOPs, left out the part about her affair.

You learned a lesson about not looking at social media! 

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Typical narc move to post lies about the other person, accusing him of being violent.