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Totally none of my business, but I think BM

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dropped off her older child somewhere for the summer, so she could enjoy a child free party summer. The reason I suspect this is because:

1. BM in 30 days has called 3 times to talk to SD after she had tried originally to have bf agree to a call schedule of twice a week... bf never said no to twice a week, he said no to a definite schedule that we would have to revolve our summer around

2. During all 3 phone calls, SD has not talked to her sister one time, but BM was so dead set on making sure in the PSA that it says reasonable phone access to her sister

Feedback wanted - My last blog got me wondering

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what everyone's stories are revolving around getting engaged and married to their DH. As many of you know, bf's custody schedule is every spring break, 6 weeks of summer, and every other christmas after September 1. My bf and I are not engaged yet, but it is coming soonish. How soon? I have no idea and I like it that way. My only request to bf was for it to not be within a month of two of the divorce being finalized.

Bf, the military, COVID-19, and BM

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Mostly off topic, but also has to do with step life too. So as most of you know, my bf is in the marine corps. Some of you know how in the PSA, BM was supposed to be moving back to her home state between June 1 & September 1 of this year, for bf to drop off SD at home state on September 1. Well, as of right now, BM is staying in VA, so drop off will be in VA, not the other state. Originally, bf, myself, and SD were going to travel to the home state at the end of August to visit bf’s dad, drop off SD, then go and do some other things around the area.

My friend screenshot an email from BM

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So my friend an hour ago sends me a screen shot saying BM is spamming the BF's email inbox. Because of the audacity of BM I will share with you all verbatim what she said except changing the SD's name to SD. I told my friend they literally need to get in front of a judge ASAP, nothing else is going to make it any better and at this point only person being hurt is SD. Friend said her DH is calling an attorney in Ohio when he gets home, so if that's true at least they are finally doing something.

I could not be in my friend's shoes

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So I have a friend who is married (remarried) to my bf's coworker (he is also remarried), who has a going on 7 year old daughter (husband's child). His ex wife (BM) is extremely high conflict and I would not be able to be in her shoes (my friend, SM). So this morning I get a few texts from my friend (SM) saying that the BM called the cops on her and her husband, not once, but twice to do a wellness check on SD because BM could not get a hold of her. So BM likes to be in constant contact with SD when she is at her dad's, texting all day every day, calling multiple times a day.

Father's Day & brief update

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For Father's Day this year, we had decided we were going to go to this drive through safari park in VA and go to this state park I have been wanting to go to that is 2.5 hours away from where we live. We have been wanting to do these things for months, but because of COVID, restrooms were closed, etc. so we had decided to wait. Well, it was definitely worth the wait! We got there early, spent several hours at the safari park then we went and spent another hour and a half at the state park and went out to eat.

O/T - The Act & Munchausen syndrome by proxy

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I just finished watching The Act on Hulu that is based off Gypsy Rose and her mother, primarily about her mother having Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Let me start off by saying if you have not watched it, then you should watch it. It does warn that some of the characters are fictionalized and events dramaticized, but regardless, is just so sad by how much a mother (or really any parent, mom or dad), can manipulate their child. I won't give anything away because there were details in this that I looked up that are true, but I didn't know before watching. 

Phone Calls

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So as many of you know, it is now bf's time with SD from now until September 1. BM so far has called twice to talk to SD, but has asked to call 3 times, but forgot the first time she asked and did not call. So yesterday was the time bf told BM could call SD after she asked. Neither bf nor I want to hear BM's voice, what she has to say, and plus we don't know if or when BM might put SD's half sister on. Which for those of you that know my back story, that wouldn't be something easy for bf to hear, etc.

Update to yesterday's blog

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So bf has been at the office all morning getting all the paperwork he needs to submit his BAH package. The good news is, he spoke to someone today (I forget his rank), but he said that they cannot take his BAH money away for 60 days from the date of the final decree. So that gives my bf 48 days of having his BAH and hopefully within that timeframe his BAH should be approved. He has to apply with it without dependents though because he does not have SD for 90 days or more, and so of right now he is not paying CS.

Kind of O/T, military and divorce

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So as you all know, my bf received the final divorce decree last week which we are super excited about! Unfortunately, since my bf is military, he has all sorts of other paperwork to do and file now that the divorce is finalized. For starters, bf has to submit all his divorce paperwork to remove BM off of his healthcare, dental, spousal life insurance, which in turn also removes BM’s older child off of the health and dental insurance. Not to sound like a bitch, but I am happy this is finally being done.