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Not that we care but

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this morning I had to print off SO's W-2 form so he can go and get his taxes done. While I was logged in under him, I also could see that yes, they took off BM's older child off his coverage which is good news. I also saw that apparently BM changed her last name, not back to her maiden name, but a different name. So yeah, I think she actually got remarried the second she realized the divorce decree was signed. Neither SO or I care, actually it is a good thing she got remarried, but it is rather odd because we have never heard SD mention a word about a man in BM's life at all.

Is 7 years old too old for a stroller?

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Not sure if I am going to share the backstory on this, but it does pretain to step life, but not my situation. Is 7 years old too old for a child to be in a stroller even when on vacation? I stress the vacation part because a stroller is a good way for families to stay out a little later on vacation if they have a stroller for the child to ride in/fall asleep in after a lot of walking, etc. Decided to edit this and add the age instead of getting people to say old they think is too old.

OT - Healthy Snacks

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So SO and I have been over the last few months tried to eat better in general and now that we are getting married in just over 3 weeks, we are eating even healthier than before and are only drinking wine on weekends. I was wondering if anyone had any recipes for healthy snacks they enjoy? I am looking for something outside of the whole veggies, fruit, veggie straws, etc. something different that you actually enjoy eating! We are making this week zucchini crisps, but I wanted some more options too. Let me know!

It is sad how Bio Parents can brainwash their children

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This post is not about me or my situation, but about my friend the SM that I have posted about before. If anyone remembers I wrote about how the BM in her situation got arrested for assault and battery (OH) for hitting her mother and stepfather in SD's presence. So BM went to jail for two days before she could get in front of the judge and BM's mother watched over SD while she was in jail. When BM got out of jail she took SD and went back to (AK).

SD - Kindergarten

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So if anyone read my earlier blog from today, they saw that SO and I messaged BM yesterday wanting to know what school SD was going to be attending for kindergarten. We wanted this info for many reasons:

1. To be able to find out when the 2021 - 2022 school year is going to start so we can pick our 6 weeks of summer prior to April 1, following the court order

2. Have the information of the school so when it gets closer we can reach out to SD's teacher and make an introduction so not left out of any important information

Wedding update :)

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Now that my BM drama post is out of the way, I can update you all on mine and fiancé’s wedding plans. So on December 23 when my parents threw us an engagement dinner they of course asked about our plans for a wedding. So we told them how we wanted to basically have a super small ceremony very soon and then have a celebration later when COVID is not as big of a threat and we can have more of what we want with less chance of having to cancel or postpone, that we wanted to move across the country already married, etc.

BM Drama - CO

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So yesterday fiancé messaged BM to ask her what school SD will be enrolled at for kindergarten this September so we can look at the school’s academic 2021-2022 calendar to figure out what 6 weeks of summer we will want SD. According to their CO, we have to let BM know prior to April 1st every year what 6 weeks we will be taking SD or BM gets to decide. Since BM has been claiming she is moving for a year now, but has not yet, this was also a way to find out if SD will be going to school here or what the deal was.

Wedding Plans

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So fiance and I had a pleasant conversation over dinner on Friday discussing how we felt about when to get married and when to have a wedding with guests, etc. So we decided we will be getting married end of January, with a minister at an air bnb, and then in the beginning of 2022 we will have a wedding with guests to celebrate on the west coast where we will be living after May 2021.