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No drama, which has been nice

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So the last few weeks have been really nice because there has been absolutely NO drama from BM. Not in messages, other than her being dumb about asking to file married or single for 2019 tax year, but that wasn't necessarily drama. After pick up on Sunday, bf was like it has been weird, I have been waiting for BM to stir up drama, but she hasn't in messages or in person for weeks. I also pointed out how I have been in the car every exchange for weeks. Bf goes, you're right, maybe that has something to do with it.

So I am thinking that

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maybe, BM's agenda is she is trying to make it so she is the one to receive the money the goverenment is sending out to people because of the coronavirus. The reason I think this is because I was reading how most of the money will be based off of 2018 Tax Returns, but I have also seen that it is possible to go off the 2019 tax return. Whereas in 2018, bf and BM filed married, filing separately, but bf claimed the two children for 2018, but this year, BM gets to claim bf's daughter from here on out unless filing for child support then it gets revised.

BM is either an idiot or she has another agenda

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So bf and BM have not exchanged any words for about a week and a half, until today BM messages in the app asking if the divorce had been finalized yet. Bf responds and says, have not heard yet, just waiting on the judge's signature. BM then responds she needed to know for taxes. Bf then responds that it won't be till next year's tax filing that they will file divorced or single. BM then responds again saying the tax guy asked and she filed separate ... Bf does not respond to this message.

Coronavirus and BM

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So BM is an antivaxer, I know based off peeking at her social media that BM is all "haha, the coronavirus can't touch me," so I can only imagine how not seriously she is taking this and making sure to protect herself and bf's daughter from the virus. Now Virginia is only at 17 confirmed cases of coronavirus, we have pick up of bf's daughter on Sunday... If while she is in our care and the state tells everyone to stay in their homes, etc. what do you do about visitation. Could we keep bf's daughter till the all clear? Do we have to continue with exchanges?

Just a two week update

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Been a crazy busy last couple of weeks, but the good news is the papers for my bf’s divorce are FINALLY filed with the court. Two weeks ago we found out my bf had to come sign an affidavit and he had to have a witness sign an affidavit who knew both him and BM prior to them separating, but none of this was told ahead.

Feeling a bit guilty

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So for all of you who are familiar with my story and my situation, I am feeling a bit guilty. This is the first full week we have bf's daughter 7 whole days in a row, which has been so nice and great! She started back at day care this week and is enjoying it a lot. Between the natural cough syrup we have been giving her and the cool mist humidifier, she sounds so much better! She has been doing so great with potty training both at home and at school. Also, with my bf and I going over her numbers and colors every day, she is improving on those too!

As much as I hate to admit it, you all were right

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that I should not confront BM about her attempting to give my bf a Valentine's Day gift. Even though I REALLY REALLY want to because it is so disrespectful to me and our relationship. One of the biggest reasons why it is very disrespectful is because it is not that BM has been doing this all along for holidays, but rather the week after bf tells BM when she said they both made mistakes that his only mistake was everything having to do with her and when she said they need to move on that bf has moved on a long time ago, NOW BM wants to try and give a Valentine's Day gift to him.

I am livid

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So didn't want to be back on here again for a while, but I'm extremely livid. This afternoon was pick up for my bf's daughter. So BM tries to hand him a gift and said here is a Valentine's Day gift from your daughter .... BM has NEVER tried to give bf a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Father's Day gift, nothing since this my bf filed for divorce two years ago. And from what I heard, sounds like BM never gave bf gifts really except Christmas and birthday.

Papers have been received!!!

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Finally, the attorney received BM's signed papers yesterday and sent them over to bf via email last night. The papers were not notarized until January 29th, not January 24th like bf's attorney was originally told which is why they have not been received until now. Still took 2 weeks to be delivered to an office in the same town as BM's attorney, which I think is ridiculous, but whatever. The signed papers are now in the hands of bf's attorney so finally he can do what he needs to do and the processing time can start.