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So BM signed the papers and had a melt down at pick up

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So BM signed the papers this afternoon and my bf's attorney was going to pick them up from her attorney's office. So yes, that's a big success, now just wait the processing time and for the final divorce decree and my bf will finally be 100% divorced so happy about that

What game is BM playing at?

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When my bf and BM agreed and laid everything out, my bf and I were under the impression that BM was to sign the papers first since her attorney was the one who was typing up the PSA to then be made into a CO and divorce decree. We were wrong and bf had to sign them first, which he did last Monday. Bf had not heard anything back from his attorney since then so today he connected him asking for an update and his lawyer says he has left several messages with her attorney and has heard nothing back. We are absolutely furious. What game is BM playing at?

Twiddling my thumbs waiting

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So on Monday last week, bf signed all the papers and then bf's attorney was sending them to BM's attorney for BM to sign the papers. Then after she does that bf's attorney has to do all the filing, etc. that goes along with getting it finalized and getting a divorce decree. So far my bf has not heard a peep from his attorney or BM. I'm hoping that it's a no news is good news type of situation, but we would both feel better just getting a confirmation BM did sign them and all we are waiting on is everything to be processed.

So BM signed the papers and bf signs today

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So right as bf was on his way to pick up his daughter from BM's, his attorney calls to see when he can come in to sign the papers. At this point it is 2:30 on Friday, so bf tells him he can come in Monday to sign them. So BM officially has already signed them, yay, and bf signs today, then it has to process and his attorney said takes another 6-8 weeks. Boo. Well at least by this afternoon everything will be out of our hands and is just a waiting game to get the final decree. Hopefully this does not take 8 weeks, but I am not optimistic it won't.

Just like that BM is trying to start drama

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Being a blog hog today. So BM agreed about not splitting a cell phone to say that either party can buy her a cell phone and she can bring it with her to the other parent's home and that the parent cannot unreasonably withhold the cell phone from her. Fine, me and bf came to an understanding amongst ourselves that once that happens, the location services of her phone will be turned off so BM cannot track us or anything on my bf's time.

Update to yesterday's blog

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So bf talked to his attorney yesterday afternoon and he agreed that the cell phone bit was ridiculous for a 3 year old especially when it was never discussed previously. The attorney said on the taxes that he would ask for the language to be changed that BM could claim her for taxes while she does not try to seek child support.

So BM and her attorney finally send the agreement

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Which was a good and a bad thing. So first her attorney got some things wrong that BM did not catch such as the wrong year they were married (says a year before they were) and put their child's middle name wrong, easy fixes. Then there are some things added in there that were not discussed at all and then there are things that are not what they already agreed upon. We think BM has been waiting till the last minute hoping bf will just agree on everything to get this done.

You would think waiting would be easy by now

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Today it is 1 week to the day until the scheduled trial for my bf's divorce. My bf had not heard anything from his attorney since December 19 and until an hour ago. We thought my bf would be signing off on the papers end of last week, but apparently what we are waiting on is for BM to review the papers, sign off on them, then my bf signs off on them, then finally there is the final decree. BM's attorney has sent them to her, she just hasn't signed off and sent them back .... over here waiting like the jeopardy theme song.