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More confusing to change name on here or?

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Hey everyone, so for those of you who know me, is it more confusing if I get a new username since I have gone by this one for so long or more confusing for me to not change my username when my username is inaccurate now? I don't think I can change my username, I would have to make a whole new account. Thoughts please!

My last name has been changed :)

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So I called the Social Security Office I sent my application and documents to just to get an update on the status of my name change and I got the nicer of the people to talk to. The man who answered the phone asked how long ago I sent my paperwork in and I told him 3 weeks, then he told me to hold on for a second and he was gone for about 5 minutes, comes back on the line and says he will process the change right now! Woohoo! So now I just have to wait 10 days to get my new card and all my documents back, but it was so worth calling!

Mother of the year act

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So this is just a petty vent because I know there is nothing that can be done and it will never change, but it is hilarious how BM tried to act as though she is mother of the year at pick up on Friday, by telling DH that SD has grown, she wears "x" size shoe now, etc. MEANWHILE in 3 years, only maybe 5 times has SD ever been in the correct size shoes or clothes, it is either shoes 2 sizes too small or 2 sizes too big and same thing with clothes.

O/T - Vent Social Security and Moving

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So as you might expect, I applied to change my last name after marrying DH. Due to COVID, you cannot go in person you must mail everything in. I wanted to mail everything in once we received back our marriage license because when I called Social Security the woman told me it might take 4-8 weeks for my name to be changed and me to receive all my documents back. Since we had to go to DEERS to get me in the system and then IPAC needed my birth certificate, it did not get to get sent for 2 weeks after we got our marriage license.

Kinda O/T - Labeling on Social Media as a Bonus Mom

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So kind of off topic and I know this will get a response probably in every direction, but why do some SM's put on their social media bio as being a "Bonus Mom." I am not knocking anyone who does this, but I am curious as to why some SM's might put that on their bio. Personally, I do not feel the need or desire to put it on my social media and that is not because I do not love my SD because I do love her very much. I don't know if it is becasue I do not have my own children?

Follow up to last week's post

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So last Friday I had posted a blog regarding ear piercing and legal custody. I should of started my post stating the purpose of the post to begin with. Unless SD is being hurt, neglected, etc. that DH and I felt an emergency change of custody hearing was necessary, DH and I do not plan on going back to court any time soon. The only thing I will say is if BM was not allowing DH to see SD on his time that is outlined in their CO, then we would also file contempt against her, but again not to try and flip custody.

Blog Hog - Update to SD

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So our last phone call with SD was actually the best yet, she actually was not distracted by being at a fun place when we call or playing, but was back to being very talkative and responsive. Not sure if time of day has anything to do with it either, but we are calling SD today the same time as the last call and hoping for similar results.

Update to pets

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So I know there are a LOT of pet lovers on here so I figured I would share an update on the pets/moving cross country that I had posted about a month ago now. So we will be driving in the truck with both the cat and the dog. We got a car seat kennel that runs the length of the whole backseat, straps into the car buckles on either side and attaches around the head rest as well. It has mesh along the front so they can see and the actual end of a kennel with the metal doors on either end.

O/T - Chase Bank or Wells Fargo Bank

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So as many of you know this coming May, DH and I will be moving from the East Coast to the West Coast. We are going to be opening a joint bank account, but we will also be keeping our individual accounts for at least a year. So we would like to open a joint account prior to the move so that the money we have been saving specifically for moving expenses can be readily available and easy to keep track of as we start paying for services/items related to the move. So we looked up what banks are over on the West Coast where we will be and are also here so we can begin to set all that up.