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Are you friends with your SD on fb? did she request you or did you request her? Do you want to be friends with them on FB?


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5 years ago SD29 Friend requested me. Against my better judgment I accepted the request. Two years later I blocked her from DD18's and my FB. I should have done this the instant I learned she had an account.

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Ugh, why didn't I think of this before. She friended me recently and I don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt her feelings as we are trying to have a good relationship, but I don't think it's a good idea. Plus, I like my 'space'. You know? Even on FB! Yes, I have my settings to private, so it's very limited for others to see. Do I just ignore it?

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If she sent a request though she can see the facebook wall while the request sits there unanswered. So she still has access.

I am not friends with my I don't need their mother having ANY insight into my life. She has gotten a tid bit here or there from people who apparently are "friends" of I have figured them out, I have deleted and blocked them also...sad part was some of it was family of DH's, some were who he thought were "good friends" of his, some were distant relatives of mine. Oh skin off my nose.

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Yes, she sent the request. I accepted, and promptly customized all status & pics to block her. That nosey child lives here full time and drives me insane already in my business. But I couldn't not accept

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Never have been friends with either skid on FB. Actually blocked SD16 two years ago after I found out (from someone who was friends with her) that she was stalking my FB and actually had the nerve to steal one of my pics and post it on her Twitter. Stupid twit... she is now blocked and forever shall be.

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I am fb friends with 2of my SD. I have blocked the eldest SD and will never accept a request though highly unlikely i will get sent one. I was became friends with the other 2 when SO+ I gpt together officially tho now regret being friends with them now.'s picture

Yup, big mistake. It was years ago when we got along great. I've customized it so she can't see anything I post. I need to delete her I just haven't found the energy to deal with that when it happens bc "SD is trying so hard" She's not trying at shit, WE can't stand each other and have no business being fb friends. At the time I felt like I couldn't not accept and our relationship was completely different back then. Ugh.........

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I am FB friends with SD23, and she initiated. I never comment on her posts, and she rarely comments on mine. Seeing her posts really shows how immature she is, but I don't get into any drama with her if I can help it. DH can't seem to help it once in a while and comments on a few of her posts, but for the most part we ignore her, and verbally comment to each other about it.