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Are Pigs Flying, Did Baby Jesus Give Us a Miracle...

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Rewind to Sunday...FDH took SD to his Grandma's house which is in the same neighborhood as BM's grandma. BM asked FDH to drop SD off to her grandma at the normal drop off time, 4pm. It's actually closer so he said no problem with dropping SD off there and wouldn't have to see BM. While at his grandma's house, there was mention from his grandma that BM's grandma wanted SD earlier. So what does she do, called up BM's grandma and asked her if she wanted SD earlier. FDH really had no problem with this as he was already there. This was around noon. (Oh his grandma and BM's grandma have been friends for years)....He thought he was doing something nice for BM's grandma by letting her have SD. She wanted to make cookies and see her a little bit longer..(why he would, I don't know or really care).

Anyway fast foward a little.....BM's grandma I guess is having health issues and couldn't handle SD3 until 6 (when BM was going to pick up SD from her grandma). I'm assuming BM's grandma called BM to have her pick up SD earlier than 6.

Well FDH got a call from BM. She went off on him saying that she was going to take him back to court for EOWE and he is always trying to pawn off SD. She had things to do between 4 and 6. That he was a POS etc...The usual blame game. He hung up on her then blocked her. She also said she had to pick up SD at 3:30, which isn't true. On his way to work, FDH dropped off SD's bag at 3:30 at Bm's grandma's. She is known for lying.

Well he kept getting "missed block call" message on his he decied to call her back. Guess what happened y'all. SHE ACTUALLY APOLOGIZED FOR YELLING!!! :jawdrop: I kid you not. I had to check and see if pigs were flying and money wasn't growing on trees. She said she was sorry for over reacting and asked him for the whole story of what happened. He said next time, he will call her first to see if it's ok.

Are the tides turning? Is BM really growing up? I'm still in shock...