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Kate Gosselin

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So, someone in my office just announced that Kate will be on the next Dancing w/the Stars! I loved their show, and was so sad for those kids to have to go through such a public divorce, but in true Kate fashion, she has managed a new gig.


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I saw pictures of her from before they got famous...not exactly MILF material...but now...DAMN! She is looking really great. Good for her:) I didn't watch the show but I've heard lots about her situation of course. I need her to come and organize my house for me so I can handle the one kid that I have while I sit in awe over how she juggles 8 of the lil buggers Wink

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I had major issues with Kate during the show. She was an unadulterated BITCH. My wife and I would watch the show and I would have a running commentary going on how she emasculated john every chance she got and how I would never tolerate being treated that way in my home by my spouse if I were John.

Unfortunately John was found wanting in character during the divorce and will likely be the one to get hosed by the media though Kate was without question the cause of the divorce. IMHO based on her regular mistreatment of John.

I will not watch any show that either one of those character deficient dipshits has anything to do with.

Those poor kids are so screwed.

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I couldn't agree more..... Kate was definitely the cause of that divorce. Everything about her just screams "I'm a BITCH!"

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You know I thought the same thing, Rags. I'm not taking sides or anything and his actions haven't been that great but I can see why he would bail on their marriage. She belittled him constantly. It was like he was her 9th kid or something.

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I always thought, crap, she is going to lose him if she keeps that up.. then to see that he cheated, and well.. he turned out to be just as horrible as her.

Loved watching the kids though.. they were adorable.

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THis may not be very popular, but sometimes I could identify with her. However I NEVER talk that way to my husband I only think my unkind thoughts. Like, hello get off the couch & help me here... course I do this with many aspects of my life. Once when explaining a life lesson to the kids I told them that there are just somethings we just get to think & not say. If I said everything I thought to people no one would want to be around me.

Hey at 9 & 12 they got it.

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wishes she would just go away...

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